Watch Experts Know How To Wear A Watch Correctly

How To Wear A Watch

So you might be thinking this is a strange question and one that doesn’t warrant any kind of thought and certainly no response, but that I’m afraid, is where you may be making a mistake. This is a fundamental of watch wearing, just as there are rules about wearing appropriately color coordinated clothes such as matching shoes and belt, there are rules about wearing watches.

Ball Game or Opera: Know Your Environment


While you only have the one watch there’s very little scope for planning your outfit, but as you start to grow your collection you’ll begin to expand your ability to chop and change. For example, you should wear a matching leather strap that compliments your shoes and belt, and you should never wear the same watch every day if possible.

Etiquette suggests a daytime watch be a lighter color, white or pearl, while night time would suggest a darker shade, which is really just in keeping with what you already know about dress sense. Just think of it as selecting a watch that suits you and your outfit and it’ll all come together. For example, day functions will often see you dressed in pale colors and nighttime parties a day suit or tuxedo, so where you’re wearing your watch dictates which watch is appropriate.

Environmental Awareness

Know your surroundings to know your choice of watch and you will never go wrong. In the beginning, it may feel awkward thinking there are too many rules but you’ll soon become comfortable, slowly becoming secure, and probably start to be seen by your peers as the go to guy when it comes to the art of good dress sense.

The busier your social and professional life the more likely you’re going to want to grow your collection to enable you to mix and match your wardrobe. This being the case you need to understand if your social life is based in your professional or personal life and if any kind of theme is present. Having an active Black Tie life style would suggest an investment on a few dress watches, a physically active outdoor life would dictate a more rugged sporty collection and for a business traveler, features like dual time and atomic radio control time adjustments could be appropriate.

Start Strong

This is the beginning of your journey so plan it well by understanding your most likely scenarios and aim to buy the best watch you can afford for your primary environment. Whether that be the sports field, the mountains, the beach, or Opera house, select your first work horse to get you started and the rest will start to come naturally as you build your collection.

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