What Is Magnetic Shielding In A Watch And Why Is It Important

What Is Magnetic Shielding

What Is Magnetic Shielding and why the heck is it on a watch? Back in the good old days when pocket watches were worn by ‘Gentlemen’ the world was a very different place. There were no cars, planes, computers creating magnetic fields and the natural magnetic force of the earth was not enough to affect the workings of the pocket watch.


Things soon changed and with the invention of the wristwatch together with the general advancement of technology, the effects of magnetism started to show their face. Basically, when we talk about magnetism and watches we are thinking of the force effecting the movement of the watch. The anti-magnetic watch is protected against these forces and able to run with minimal to no time deviation when exposed to a certain level of magnetic field.

What Happened?

Like with many things, necessity is often the mother of invention and in the 1940s, the British Royal Air Force pilots noticed time deviations during their flight time. It became clear their watches were affected by their massive 1000 horsepower engines of the Spitfires and the Hurricane and looked to IWC for help, which came in the form of the Mark XI pilot’s watch that housed its movement inside a Faraday Cage. The first anti-magnetic aviation watch was born.

Super Marine Spitfire: 1000 Horses


The modern world

Since the infancy of this technology, the modern era of materials technology has taken the place of mechanical technologies. Now the watch industry is creating anti-magnetic watches using materials of non-ferrous construction, and this has ushered in a new era of advanced anti-magnetic technology as seen with the Omega Navigauss.


So far most of the technology and science behind the NivaGauss has been kept under wrap, but what is known, is Omega plan to roll out the material and movement in all their models over the coming years to provide anti-magnetic technology for all their customers.

Omega’s new technology visualized

Omega Seamaster Aqua_Terra

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