What Is A Watch Crown And How Does It Protect Diver Watches

What Is A Watch Crown

The question, what is a crown? might seem so simple to answer it’s almost redundant. But even those of you who know what a crown is, you may be surprised to learn just how many different types there are.

Put simply, the watch crown is the button that is often on the side of the watch case at the 3 O’clock position although could just as easily be an ‘Offset Crown‘, depending on the main function of the watch. For example, a Dive watch could have an ‘OffSet Crown‘, or even have it on the opposite side of the watch for ease of use. The button is used for a number of different uses but the most common functions are:

-Changing/Setting the time
-Setting Day and Date
-Winding mechanical watches
-Stopping a battery powered watch to save the battery when not in use.

Standard 30’clock unprotected Crown



Crown Offset With Raised Shoulder Protection (Lug)


Crow Opposite Side With Raised Shoulder Protection(Lug)



However, the crown can control other important functions on a wristwatch such as operating the Stopwatch functions usually seen on chronograph watches. It controls the functions by attaching to the watch stem that protrudes into the watch’s movement allowing you to make manual changes to the watch.


Depending on the function of the watch the crown may be protected from wear or damage with a ‘Crown Locking Arm‘ or protective ‘Crown Shoulder’, and protection from water damage using a water tight ‘Screw Down Crown‘.

Crown With Locking Arm


Screw Down Crown For Water Tight Seal


Crown And Reset Buttons

Watch Crown Design

Watch crowns can be as simple and plain as the watch design and budget dictates. They can be functional or elaborately decorated with jewels and everything that lies between these two extremes. In fact, you could say there are as many crowns as there are watches, the only limitation being imagination and cost when silver, gold and jewels and other precious materials are used to create watch crowns.


There are some general norms that filter through to become common place such as ridges to help your fingers grip but smooth and shiny also exist.

Crown Types

If you thought that was it, and there couldn’t be any more to Watch Crowns, well, think again. Although probably you’ll never need to know about crowns in this depth unless you’re thinking of becoming a watchmaker its worth just knowing they exist.



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