Explain What A Chronograph Watch Is And What Makes It Different

What Is A Chronograph Watch

What is a Chronograph and how did it get here. The Chronograph had something of an inauspicious introduction as it was originally created in 1816 by Louis Moinet as a tool for working with astronomical equipment. Long story short, it wasn’t until 1821 when a French watchmaker named Nicolas Mathieu Rieussec built the first marketable chronograph.

The Chronograph

Essentially, the Chronograph is simply a watch with the addition of a stopwatch function giving the ability to accurately measure elapsed time, alongside conventional time. The watch movement engages the additional functions using two buttons, one which stops and resets the stopwatch, and the other which starts it. This tool is often used alongside but should not be confused with a tachymeter which is an additional tool used in conjunction with the Chronograph.

To make thing just a little easier to understand I have pulled a couple of videos from youtube that explains the functions better than any words

Flyback Chronograph


Split Second or Rattrapante Chronograph

This is where multiple second hands can be stopped and started independentlyattrapante is a fly back hand chronograph that allows the user to measure split-seconds or multiple events of varying duration

The Rattrapante is seen on the IWC Ingenieur Double Chronograph as a modification to the movement that enables two events to be timed simultaneously, through two chronograph hands.

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