What Are Lugs On A Watch And What Do They Do

What Are Lugs

LUGSSo you want to know what lugs are? Just like anything else in the area of horology lugs can be simple or complex depending on function and cost. In the simplest terms, the lug is the are of the watch case that extends out to allow the attachment of the strap or bracelet. The ‘lug width’ is the internal width measured between the lugs where the watch strap meets the watch.


Complicated lugs

Humans have a way of complicating things after the proof of concept has been around for a while. Now we have the lug what next? Well, designers are reinventing and redesigning the lug.

One simple difference is the open or closed lug as you can see below:


The open and closed lugs are good for both metal bracelets and leather straps, but the lugs below are designed for the stainless steel bracelet as you can see, although the universal lugs on the left could be used for any strap. This leaves the Unique and Integrated lug to case design.


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