Watch Bracelets Can Be More Complex Than You Think

Watch Bracelets

Watch Bracelets as you might imagine are as varied as the watch itself, but there are some common types we come across every day.

Extendable or Expandable Bracelets are a little confusing and from what I understand, it’s like this.

Extendable bracelets for me are these things below. You know the type, right? You can open them up and they ping back like an elastic band. Not my favorite, but what the heck, each to their own is what I say.


The Expandable bracelet is something a little different and it’s so easily confused with the Extendable. The one above is extendable because it can be extended just as it can be reduced, but it’s still an Extendable Bracelet by design, ecause it extends. Okay, that even sounds confusing to me, but stay with me. The Expandable bracelet is a bracelet you can add to, or expand by adding new links and equally taking links out, but it is not behaving like an elastic band.


Fold Over Clasp

The fold over clasp is usually found on stainless steel or other metal bracelets but they’re sometimes found on leather or fabric straps as seen below.


More often than not the are found commonly on metal bracelets.



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