From Classy To Classic Luxury Watches For Men Come In many Varieties

Luxury Watches For Men

So you want a luxury watch, you have the money, all you need to do is find the perfect piece, so how are you gonna make the scene with a luxury watch?

This is a modern world and style is moved more to the smart casual and casual and away from the stiff Tuxedo look. Having said that, certain things do remain the same like classic styles that always command respected and admiration. I’m talking of course, about wearing a handcrafted timepiece with the correct attire because you would never want to be seen with a beautifully crafted timepiece paired with old jeans and T-shirt.


The point is, there are no hard and fast rules in the modern world but with some thought and careful consideration, we can put together some hints and tips for putting together the perfect clothes to style around your watch whether you want your luxury item to be the main focus or a complementary addition to your style.

Ask any woman and they will tell you the ultimate luxury for a man is owning every gadget on the planet. While this may be one of our shortfalls it does mean we can’t embrace the idea behind it. What if we could carry out gadgets around with us discreetly while remaining dignified?

The Wilderness

For the action man in all of us, the Casio has a range of really teched up watches like this G-Shock models.

This limited edition model has multi-band atomic timekeeping world time for 31 time zones, shock resistance, and water resistant to 200m and solar powered heart.

Casio G shock

This chunky, sporty, titanium cased beast makes no bones about its function, its both mud and rust resistant, as well as shock resistant and water-resistant for up to 200 meters, it makes no bones about its function, it’s rugged and ready to explore the wilderness. With this, there is no thought about dress code needed past the safety and survival needs of your trip. Just look after the watch and the watch will look after you. 

Classy Number

As we just saw luxury doesn’t always have to be a bore, in many case luxury these days can be a bright and beautiful affair with many colors and finishes appearing on the market. My particular weakness is and always has been blue dials on watches, I just think they ooze class and make reading the dial easy with white markers and hands.
If you wear a bright dial with casual dress with subtle colors would totally bring out the blue and make the piece pop.


This Glycine Airman with automatic movement in stainless is 46mm with blue dial and strap and white markers and hands. The color contrast makes the face easy to read and beautiful to look at and wouldn’t look out of place at a party or a business meeting. It’s so lovely and sophisticated it really forces you to break the old rule about match shoe, belt, and watch strap, but I guess if you had a pair of blue suede shoes that would rock too

The Classic

In the classic category of luxury watches, there’s only one answer when it comes to the right outfit. It must be a classy and sophisticated outfit to do the timepiece justice. In the past, the classic would have been accompanied by a dinner jacket, cummerbund, and possibly a cravat, although the latter hasn’t been seen in mainstream fashion for many decades and probably seen as a curiosity in this day and age. However, one thing that has never changed is the value of a well-tailored suit in the correct color to really set off your timepiece.


This model would work well with navy blue or even taupe and would certainly want to be paired with a matching belt and footwear.

The Take Away

Take care when mixed up your wardrobe, the basic rules are subtlety works well with subtlety and the more active roles the more flamboyant the watch can be. Classic design goes with classic tailoring just as action sports watches work perfectly with protective gear. The questions start to appear when you are trying to walk the tightrope of smart casual when a small mistake could make the difference between success and failure. If in any doubt always aim for subtle because less is always more. 

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