The Choice Of Mens Fashion Watches Is Huge So Where Do You Start

Mens Fashion Watches

If you’re interested in buying a fashion or designer watch you’ll probably have a brand in mind but if that’s not the case come with me as I take you through a brief list of ideas to get you on track.

There are a number of names renowned for their stylish, innovative and attractive watch designs and it’s good to know not all prices are out of this world, so let’s take a look at some reasonably priced designer watches from different fashion houses. You need to bear in mind different brands suit different people so first think about what suits your style best, that will help you make a decision.


Just a word of warning in terms of quality based on my experience. If you want to buy very cheap fashion watch there are brands out there but it’s like anything else, you get what to pay for. My particular gripe is with the materials quality of Ben Sherman that doesn’t use good materials so you’ll find the case will begin to wear against your wrist, taking its shine off. This is not what I want from a watch.

Timeless Style

As with anything else in this world when it comes to style and fashion, less is more and this should be your mantra from this moment on. Of course, there are always exceptions to the rules and none quite so obvious as the funky Swatch brand that luxuriates in being loud and brash

Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein is part of the Swatch Group a Swiss manufacturer founded in 1983 as a merger of Allgemeine Gesellschaft der Schweizerischen Uhrenindustrie and Société Suisse pour l’Industrie Horlogère and based in Biel, Switzerland. It also has a subsidiary ETA SA which builds movements for a number of other well-known brands. It presently employs more than 35000 people over 50 countries. This immediately gives the brand a top rating in terms of quality and reliability, giving customers a reason to trust their products, but how does it rate in terms of cost?


Looking at the prices I found above it’s clear that even before the large discounts available on this site, the original prices were not anything out of this world when you consider the brand name and the build quality from Swatch Group. These three models represent an entry level Calvin Klein Fashion watches that offer exciting designs for young tastes at affordable prices in the smart casual space.

Emporio Armani

Emporio Armani is part of the Fossil Group an American fashion designer and manufacturer founded in 1984, based in Texas who acquired Swiss watch brand, Zodiac Watches, in 2001.

With design studios in Biel, Switzerland as well as manufacturing facilities in China and distribution centers in Dallas, Germany, and Asia, Fossil own multiple brands such as Relic, Abacus, Michele Watch & Now Coach NY, Skagen Denmark, and Zodiac Watches. It also makes licensed accessories for brands such as Adidas; Emporio Armani; Karl Lagerfeld; Michael Kors.


Emporio Armani entry level is slightly higher than Calvin Klein but with that comes a more mature look at the young trendy fashion market. These pieces are still smart casual but moving toward the smart side of the field with an affordable price tag.

Michael Kors

Michael Kors is another brand from Fossil Group so we know what we can expect from the quality control perspective, so what kind of designs are they offering? The three examples below are the entry-level examples from Michael Kors and we can see they are moving toward glamor for special occasions. With the fashion Watch, we are not necessarily looking for a subtlety that we would do with a Swiss luxury timepiece but more a statement of extravagance and fun.


The average price point for the Michael Kors is again just edging past the Armani and seems to be targeted at a more extrovert buyer that like to be noticed. If that is you then the Michael Kor could be the brand for you?


Well, surprise surprise the Swatch brand is part of the Swatch Group so we’re familiar with the brand and the subsidiary of ETA giving the brand a good name in quality build. These particular examples are illustrating the fundamental design concept of the Swatch and that is young, vibrant, and colorful. The colors are bright and unmistakably Swatch while the build themselves are genuine quality Quartz builds at knockdown prices as you can see. 


If you’re young at heart or perhaps you need a gift for a younger relative the Swatch brand could well be a good option for you?

Bigger is Better

There was a time when big was seen as beautiful but this is an old idea and you can only look vulgar these days so steer clear of this idea.

The Take Away

The take away from this is two fold that a fashion watch isn’t as expensive as you may have assumed and just because it’s a fashion watch it’s not necessarily a poor quality movement from China. Don’t think that movements from China are not used in fashion watches, because some brands do use them, or used to, but also and don’t just assume Chineses movements are poor quality either.

The Chineses movements may be good but are an unknown quantity, where conversely, Japanese Quartz are cheap and proven as reliable and used by many small watchmakers, so it’s best to stick to the movements we know work reliably.

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