What Are The Attributes Of Classic Watches For Men

Classic Watches For Men

Do you know the saying, ‘Everyone should have at least one pair of good shoes and a good bed because through the day you’re going to be in one of them’? Well, perhaps yes, perhaps not, but regardless it’s a truism and it should extend to one good suit and one good watch. Through your life how many birthday parties, graduations, weddings, business meetings, and funerals will you attend, and how are you going to step up to the mark and present your best side?


Pulling off the perfect look with a classic watch is something every man will need to do at some point in their lives, so let’s do a little preparation.

If you definitely, positively, without doubt, only have one luxury watch it needs versatility to work in any environment with any outfit, or at least any environment that doesn’t demand any specialized features like 1000m water resistance for example. Your one watch needs to suit any event and outfit, it needs to be tasteful and subtle while being just shiny enough to be noticed.

So how can we describe a classic watch and what attributes do we look for?

Let’s say you’re setting out to a formal event, your suit is tailored your shoes are hand made, but you’re missing the perfect timepiece. The next step is to select a ‘classic’ from your collection. Like a set of cufflinks finished your dress shirt, your classic watch with its timeless elegance finished your outfit

Attributes of Classic Watches

Before we go any further a true classic watch is one that can be judged over time to be of the highest quality, made from durable quality materials, and taking it to the next stage, they should be impossible to replicate because they are original classics that don’t follow trends. While this is true, you may be thinking just as I am, this sounds very much like Vintage Watches?

Well, a true classic watch will have a history and fulfill all the rules of tradition, quality, craft, and aesthetic value, but there is more to the story in my view. Not everyone can afford an enormously expensive classic, but what we can afford is a good quality luxury watch with ‘classic design’ cues that keep the physical characteristics of the classic watch alive.

Classic Or Dress

From the description, there seems very little difference between the Classic Watch and the Dress Watch, much like the difference between the true classic and the modern classic design. Essentially this is true and that’s one of the things that make Watches so interesting. If I have to pinpoint the difference between the Dress Watch and the Classic it would be the ability to wear the classic with anything at any time, but the Dress Watch only come out at formal occasions.

In short, the Dress Watch although subtle is more flashy than the classic which is still understated, but slightly more sturdy for everyday wear. 


The Classic is more versatile than the Dress when it comes to straps, with both leather and metal being perfectly acceptable, and in some cases preferred in the case of celebrity preferences of Steve McQueen, and Leonardo DiCaprio who both rank high in terms of style icons.

On metal bracelets, Rotary shows us how a bold face can bring out a simple clean design that would be perfect with a suit or the standard jeans and T shirt combo. Both Seiko and Skagen have clean suave designs achieving a clean look with medium sized watch faces that would put the finishing touches to any suit, thanks to the neutral tones of the metal that match whatever color combinations you choose.



If leather is your preference there are some tricks to help you achieve a look. Depending on how busy the face and how vintage you want your watch to look there are plain or pattern leather straps to help achieve your goal.

For example, a patterned leather strap can give a worn look suggesting aged vintage or heirloom piece. A plain strap is a more minimalist approach that paired a clean face with Roman numerals can be teamed with either similarly plain outfit or something a bit more flamboyant.


Less Is More

What ever you take away from this the most important thing to remember is Less is More. This simple rule will keep you on the right side of tasteful every time, I’m sure you will agree, feeling slightly under dressed is far better than being over dressed making a spectacle of yourself. If in doubt stick to subtle neutral tones in both your dress sense and watch choice to avoid any under or over dressing. Another very simple way to make a choice is deciding on which belt and shoes you prefer to wear and color coordinate your leather watch strap with these items. Provided these match and your watch face is a classic design you are set.

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