Trump Shocks the World As He Takes The Presidency

Donald Trump shocked the world as he devastated Clinton’s bid for the Presidency. After a shocking and divisive campaign built on separatism, misplaced nationalism, and personal attacks, the electorate made a decisive decision to make Trump the President-Elect.rt_trumppresident_2_19_jackie

Right now many American’s and many other nations are asking what happened to bring us to this position. With what can be described as a sea change in global politics vying against the establishment, regardless of blame or responsibility. Slowly, and seemingly too late in the day, a clear trend is coming into view. The UK has seen a backlash against the European Union, Belgium and France are seeing a resurgence in right-wing political rhetoric. The USA has elected what up until this point has been seen a reckless, mean-spirited and childish candidate as their new President.

Reckless Pessimism

The toxic campaign ran by the Presidential candidates has been a reflection of the general feeling of within the electorate as a whole. How else could campaign statements based on racism, sexism, and blatant untruths ever be acceptable unless the electorate is feeling the same negativity? Where previously these negatives have been glossed over, this campaign positively embraced them to drive home the call for change, to make “America Great Again”.

The Forgotten Majority

The forgotten majority, those in the rust belt of the North Eastern US are a perfect example of how economic decline, population loss, and urban decay leaves its mark on those who’ve had to live through the decline of a once-powerful industrial sector.

Good Table Manners

As we all know, manners are free. We also know that Trump is well known for his ability to swing wildly off script and get side tracked, not to mention use unpresidential language and themes. We can only hope that the President-Elect can find his focus and be able to sit at the big table with world leaders as a learned statesman.


With this landslide victory, we can only accept the results and hope that Trump’s acceptance speech will be a real a tangible thing, as he moves forward. His speech, speaking about coming together and repairing relationships and the deep divides in US society, he was beginning to show signs of being focused and level headed.

Only time will tell if Trump can deliver on all his promises at home, and how he will nurture relationships with NATO countries and Russia.

For those of you on the ground, what are your thoughts on this result?

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Trump Shocks the World As He Takes The Presidency
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