Top 6 Affordable Luxury Watches According To Discount Watch Stores

Top 6 Affordable Luxury Watches

If I think about it, I have to admit to being a certain age that gives me a particular perspective on the world around me. From Star Trek the original series that informed the future, from space flight to personal computers and micro technologies where materials technology seem to be the only barriers left. Ok, we haven`t cracked warp drive or teleportation yet, but who knows what the limits are?

Start Trek: Genisis of Fiction in Reality

startrek genisis


But why is my age something that gives me an advantage over those younger than myself? It certainly isn`t my ability to keep up with the younger generation, no, I have long since given up on that particular approach. What I have over the Millenials is an appreciation of simpler times when the physical world held a fascination rather than the latest virtual objects in virtual environments.

Don`t get me wrong, I am not complaining or bitching about `the good old days` far from it, because I am part of the modern world and wouldn`t have it any other way, however, there are a few things I can appreciate just because of my age.

In a world where technology is all pervasive and progressing at a rate that seems impossible to keep up with, there is something puts a smile on my face. While the pace of progress is relentless it`s heartening to realize that the digital world has not swallowed up the real world whole, leaving us with beautiful objects of desire. In particular, I am thinking luxury watches that exist to make us feel all manner of things from pride and joy to appreciation of the craft of the watchmakers.

With this in mind, I`d like to share my list of my top 6 affordable luxury watches out there.

Number 1. Uniform Wares C35
Uniform Wares C35

Uniform Wares C35 Mens two hand watch in PVD rose gold with brown cordovan leather strap. Unlike almost all watches you will see, this piece is so confident it needs no branding, and I guess that will reflect on its wearer.

London-based UniformWares created this beautifully elegant C35 with no brand name and only two simple hands against a plain white dial with simple Arabic markers and plain brown leather strap. Simply put, this is a perfect Dress Watch that checks all the boxes
£350 from



Number 2. Timex Waterbury

Timex WaterburyTimex Waterbury Stainless Steel and Leather watch for Mr. Porter. Timex is one of my timeless favorites, that`s been with us for more than 150 years, honing their watch making skills and building a reputation for reliability and affordability without parallel.

The Waterbury Stainless Steel piece keeps things simple yet interesting with its black dial tree hands against white Arabic markers and numbers against 12, 3, 6 and 9. The strap is the classic brown leather. Designed exclusively for Mr. Porter.

For more Timex models, in particular, the Waterbury, visit the main site here.

£120 at


Number 3. Citizen Eco-Drive

Citzen Eco Drive

Eco-Drive Men`s Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch. The Citizen Eco-Drive was always going to be close to the top of my list and if you`ve been reading my post for any length of time you know I`ve reviewed the Citizen Eco-Drive sometime ago.

If you want to read more about The Citizen Eco-Drive read my review here. Basically, you will learn how the Eco-Drive powers the movement using both sunlight and artificial light to keep this piece running endlessly, with no need to think any further than placing it on your wrist and appreciating its design. £299 from

See more Citizen Eco-Drive watches from the discount shop.


Number 4. Nixon Sentry 38 Leather


Nixon is a name that`s right up there with the best, known for the outdoor collections from their surf collection, to dive watches all with traditional features that meet modern functionality, designed with style and substance. This particular piece with a contrasting blue dial with gold and with markers and hands looks hardy with its sturdy leather strap. A real action piece with a certain subtlety.

This particular piece with a contrasting blue dial with gold and with markers and hands looks hardy with its sturdy leather strap. A real action piece with a certain subtlety.

Save 40% on this piece at the watchshop, now 77,75€


Number 5. Seiko Sportura Chronograph

Seiko SporturaSeiko is another big name that`s sometimes isn’t taken seriously when up against luxury brands, but what the brand lacks in Kudos, it makes up for in its design and functionally. This Orange Sportura with Chronograph is iron-plated with a leather strap.

To attempt to describe this piece is to start an essay, just look at the detail in this piece, Tachymeter, 3 sub dial chronograph, orange hands and markers and white numbers against a black dial, case, and strap. It`s a real action piece that benefits from Seiko`s own solar powered movement.

£379 from

For a greater selection of Seiko, pieces visit the watchshop.

Number 6. Skagen Grenen

Skagen Titanium

This Skagen Grenen Steel Mesh with Titanium Case Watch is a lovely piece from Skagen of Danmark. Produced in light and durable titanium with a steel mesh strap that gives it something of a masculine and functional look and feel. That`s not to say that functionality outweighs the detail making it a beautiful piece to be worn at the office or out in the field.

£145 from

For a look at the range or Skagen pieces visit the watchshop, or check out this model at the price of €102.49 from the watchshop too.


What do you think of my selection? Do you agree with me or have other ideas? Why not let me know what you think about my list tell me if you have better ideas, I`m always interested to hear from my readers.

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Top 6 Affordable Luxury Watches According To Discount Watch Stores
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