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Timex Watch Review

What can I say about Timex? Is there really any need to reassure potential customers about the authenticity and trustworthiness of this vintage brand? Let’s just get a little back story of the iconic brand that sprang into life back in 1854.

Since this time, Timex established themselves as a brand of high-quality, innovative and sturdy watches to suit the needs of every customer at a price that’s affordable. Today they carry on this tradition with high-end Italian designs and cutting edge German engineering, offering their customers the best quality products.

One of the selling points that has driven Timex is the durability of their products, even from the early days, as you can see from the vintage video, the durability was a real talking point.

Q & A With

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Know who you are dealing with and feel safe shopping online.

Timex vinatge video courtesy of Timex.

Personal Experience

Knowing who you are buying from is one of the most important idea when you’re shopping online, but I guess we all know who Timex are, right? No matter, it’s always good to know where you stand when shopping online. Just like I have done with the discount watch stores I wanted to ask Timex if they could advise me about buying a luxury watch.

The good news is TImex customer service got back to me within 24 hours but the bag news was they dodn’t ship internationally, and being out of the US means I have a problem. That’s not to say this is lost cause because Mary, the customer service supervisor, wants to know where I am based so she can help me.

So, watch this space and let’s see where this goes.

My Request


Timex Reply

Timex replyFinal thought. It’s a shame Timex doesn’t ship internationally, and somewhat surprising but apart from that, the customer service seems keen to help. I am looking forward to hearing back from Mary to see if she has any ideas, but essentially, I am pretty pleased with their attitude.


Oh well, it looks like there is no Spain website but Timex have an international directoty that Mary has sent me. This look interesting and it seems Mary is very happy to help anyone looking for advise.

Timex reply-last

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Customer Reviews.

Date: 6/2/2017
Name: ahs007
Outcome: Positive
5 stars
“Wear Timex Look Handsome”
We don’t typically focus on quartz watches as often as their mechanical counterparts but there are certain instances such as when a quartz movement can offer something not possible or…We don’t typically focus on quartz watches as often as their mechanical counterparts but there are certain instances such as when a quartz movement can offer something not possible or… this is available in very good price. and looks amazing.

Date: 6/5/2017
Name: chirayumodi90
Outcome: Poor
5 stars
“Quality is very poor & Service is very bad.”

Quality of the products is very low. I purchases Time EL 04 watch. But after 2 months only the watch started getting off automatically for some time. I complained to the shopkeeper from where I purchased. He sent the watch to company for repairing & it came after 1 month. But after that also same problem was coming within 10 days.

Very poor quality of Watch & Bad service.

Date: 6/4/2017
Name: palshobhit24
Outcome: Positive
5 stars
Timex is a very good company of watches by designs and looks there are lot of design and looks timex have on which you want to buy every watch yes this is truth when I buy my timex watch then I was thinking to buy every watch of timex. but I don’t have enough money at that time so I buy my watch in 1200 rupee. and I was too happy and now I am happy also. its 2nd year of my watch and it looks like new and there are no harm in my watch even in their leather tape it is in too good condition. there are a story with timex of mine that I think I should have to tell you how timex is strong once I was traveling in metro then suddenly a jerk came and my timex collided with the steel pole and I think its mirror got damage but when I see my timex. I was surprised there are no harm even no scratch on the mirror. so how it is strong and in 2 years I never changes the battery cell of my watch. timex is a long lasting company. so there are no harm to buy it. it is a power full watch company. you can brought it without doubt.

Date: 6/3/2017
Name: meghnath
Outcome: Positive
5 stars
“Amazing..zing.. Watch”
Excelent watch having great feature
Branded by the Timex watch company usa
Having radium in hands which is helpfull in in darkness.
In my watch it is having so many futures that are 24 hours dail,
And having showing a supperate dail of date and time.
And showing seconds
The cost of this watch is 5500 rupees
And am using it know

Date: 5/25/2017
Name: rohitambicca44
Outcome: Positive
5 stars
“Timex-super watch”
Just bought an timex watch worth 1500, just amazed to

have such amazing watch in this price tag, gives an amazing comfort while wearing because amazing quality of straps and stailness steel is used for making dial and quality parts are used and looks in such price tag are more than enough, goes with ecery apparel because of it’s sober look. The most amazed thing was to get 2 year company warranty. Soo on the scalef 10 it is 9 out of 10 so without any other thought just go for it just worth for money

Date: 5/20/2017
Name: Devang1008
Outcome: Positive
5 stars
This is one of my best opinion and personally my favourite watch because I am a can of watch I had wear very different brand watches but after using this watch I had a crush on this it is affordable watch so we can also give give to others on their party it is well designed and well functioned watch without any service required.

Date: 5/14/2017
Name: sp94800
Outcome: Positive
5 stars
“Best Brand Of Watches ….!!!!!!!”

Awesome brand for buying watches. I bought timex expedition a year ago. And it is working properly till now. I really happy after buying this watch but I would happy more after use of it. My watch is chronograph watch and it displays date too. It has three dials and looks very good on hand.

I feels really nice when I wear it and it looks and design is just perfect.i really appreciate the working effort of designer of the watch. All the watches of TIMEX looks classic and very fit to any . I think it is really value our money. If you want to buy the timex watch, just go for it and feel the pleasure of classic living.

As I told you about looks and design. If it’s price come down than no one can compete with TIMEX.


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This was a difficult job to find any complaints, but the BBB Business Review at least has recorded the number of complaints received and the number resolved. I think you will agree with me, this is a no-brainer. Timex, you can trust.


Timex Complaints

My overall rating: Excellent

5 stars



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Customer references courtesy of BBB Business Review

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