Expert Author Gives You The Best Mens Automatic Watches Under $500

The Best Mens Automatic Watches Under 500

There’s a lot of talk about value for money but $500 is still a lot to spend on a watch, so it’s really important to understand which is the best men’s automatic watches under $500 before parting with your cash. In tune with DWS long-standing interest in affordability paired with the build quality and reliability, I’ve put together a short list of my favorite dive watches at this price point, and you may not be surprised to learn all three on my list are by Seiko.

Seiko SARG009 Mechanical 5 Sports

Seiko-SARG009The Seiko SARG009 is a handsome Japanese automatic piece with classic good looks, accuracy and a price tag that doesn’t demand a bank loan.

As you can see from this image, the classic black dial with white markers and numbers and luminous sword minute and hour hands, make this model smart and attractive. With this ease of vision people like me who often leave their glasses somewhere inconvenient can rest assured time will never pass them by.

The brushed stainless steel case and band make this look streamlined and every bit the gentlemen’s watch.  Is it just me or does this design give a nod to the gentlemen’s watches of the 50s? I don’t know but it doesn’t matter because the overall style is something comfortable that can be worn in the office or at the golf club.

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Seiko SKX007K Diver

seiko-skx007kNext up is the Seiko’s SKX007K,  a comfortable looking watch which while quite subtle in its two-tone colors scheme and small case, it doesn’t look over glamorous, it simply oozes good taste while boasting an incredible built quality, with all the functionality you might expect from a Seiko.

The case has a nice heavy-duty feel to it giving the impression of heavy industry grade machining and the crown is fitted snug on the lower right side to avoid crown and wrist confrontations. The uni-direction bezel in brushed steel gives the impression of sturdy construction and simply will not move unless you want it to, so, all in all, this piece is smooth, accurate, and well-made, and worth every penny.

The movement gives the accuracy of  +/- 6 seconds/day, which is a pretty good deal for an automatic in this price range. Basically, this is good for diving and everyday use.

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Seiko Prospex X Padi Diver

Seiko-Prospex-On first sight, I really loved the Seiko Prospex X Padi Diver and if I am being honest it’s not because of any of the properties, functions, build quality, all of which as fantastic, no, none of that. My initial introduction to this piece was quite simply a case of love at first sight because of the color scheme. Just look at it…just imagine being a few meters under the surface and then think of looking down at this watch, Bang! look at it pop man! There is no way you can misread this face, it’s just superlative.

The bezel is unidirectional for safety. The lume against the blue really works great and the life span is a considerable 7 hours after a 20-minute boost under a lamp which is good in anyone’s language. The case and bracelet appear to be sturdy and built with durability in mind, so overall, I’d say this colorful automatic is worth way more than $500, but I’m glad it’s not marketed at a higher price because it’s great value for money.


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Expert Author Gives You The Best Mens Automatic Watches Under $500
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