TAG Heuer unveiled Their New Modular 45 Luxury Swiss Made SmartWatch

It has been a theme running through my posts that Swiss Watchmakers have little time to relax in the face of growing competition from Smartwatches, but the interesting news is TAG Heuer have unveiled their new Modular 45 luxury Swiss made SmartWatch. With some improvements from its previous incarnationthis will be in direct competition with the plethora of Apple products vying for a seat at the big table.


TAG Heuer have developed and assembled this product in Switzerland while partnering with Intel and Google, so you can expect many technical marvels as well as the “Made in Switzerland” stamp.

The list of features reads like a full blown PC, just look what’s onboard.

1. Intel® processor
2. Wi-Fi
3. Bluetooth
4. GPS
5. NFC
6. Google Voice control
7. Android Pay mobile payment capability
8. intelligent learning
9. Data capturing for fitness workouts
10.High-definition screen
11.Digital TAG Heuer dials


It’s been some time in the making if you remember the original TAG Heuer Connected was released in 2015, and now in 2017, the all-metal Smartwatch on steroids is back with a Vengence, encased in a slim 13mm thick case offering 30 hours of battery time and it’s water resistance to 100 ft to boot.

If that’s not enough, you’re going to love its customization options on this model because there are virtually endless. The interchangeability of materials, colors, and combinations of dials personalized with a swipe of a finger makes this a Smartwatch with the “smarts”.

TAG Heuer Connection Collection

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Custom Builds

There are 56 distinct versions of the watch and customers can select from over 500 styles on the TagHeuer.com website, selecting modules, straps, buckles, and dial options. But wait, there is something else really big.

If you are more of a purest you have the option to rip out the tech and replace it the high-end Tag Heuer 02T Tourbillon Chronograph! Wow!!!

And all this, minus the Tourbillon Chronograph I guess is a relatively cheap $1,600.

TAG Heuer Modular 45

Big Party and Big Hopes.

The big launch party was characteristically held in the heart of Switzerland at Brunnen by Jean-Claude Biver, CEO of TAG Heuer and President of the LVMH Watch Division.

In his opening speech, he said of the new Modular 45. “This innovative, unique and distinctive watch is at the forefront of the latest technologies available in Silicon Valley and, at the same time, a genuine Swiss watch, bearing the Swiss Made label.”

By his words, it is by far the clearest statement of intent to enter the race with the aim of winning against Apple, to secure the future not only for TAG Heuer but also for the Swiss watch manufacturing industry. It would seem the conservative Swiss watchmakers are waking up and giving the young dogs a run for the money.

My final word on this is …..Good Luck!

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TAG Heuer unveiled Their New Modular 45 Luxury Swiss Made SmartWatch
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