TAG Heuer Carrera Heuer Evolution

Amazingly The Carrera Is 50 Years Old

Fine wine and a good single malt require time and dedication to produce a true classic and the same can be said about the classic watches like the TAG Heuer Carrera. If you didn’t know before you may be like me and quite taken aback that the Carrera is knocking on the door of 50 years. The difference between the Carrera and us fragile humans is the Carrera is only getting better with age.

For anyone reading previous ramblings on the subject of classics, you may remember I’ve looked at the evolution of classics and cited a couple of examples like the Omega Seamaster and Breitling Superocean. If you didn’t read them I won’t hold it against you…..

2018 Baselworld

This year’s Baselworld 2018, the premier trade show for all thing horology is set for March 22 to 27, where TAG have something new to show. The Carrera has been with us since its introduction in 1964 as Chronograph specifically developed for motor racing and unveiled in Panamericana in Mexico, the most dangerous of road races at the time.

From its very beginning, the Carrera was set to become the classic it has turned out to be, with celebrity endorsements from Hollywood A-listers from Steve Macqueen to Leonardo Dicaprio. and many in between.

New for 2018

After many incarnations that incorporated many innovations TAG have now introduced a new in-house developed Calibre Heuer 02. This has been possible due to TAGs use of modular construction where variations were based on their best selling Carrera Heuer 01 collection. Breaking the mold TAG have changed their direction by creating their own in-house movement, replacing the 01 based on the modified Seiko 6S37.

Now the new TAG Heuer Carrera Heuer 02 is now a genuine in-house movement!!!!

The new collection is available in a 43 mm case although it’s expected in a 45 mm version some time down the road.  Somethings remains the same in particular the case remains angular and of a modular construction allowing customization to some extent with minimal expense, and less chance failure through the use of new and untested parts, but as usual all the elements, central container, bezel, lugs, middle-lug come together to create a lovely piece anyone would be happy to wear.

The Good Stuff

Because of its modular construction, the new collection is being launched with 5 different flavors, with all of them built with integrated automatic chronograph, 80-hour power reserve, with activated by a column-wheel and a vertical clutch, operating at 4Hz frequency. The customization allows for the following options

Option 1.
Case: Steel
Bezel: Black
Dial: Black with Silver sub-counters
Middle-lug elements: Black
Strap: Brown leather
Option 2.
Case: Steel
Bezel: Blue
Dial:  Blue with Silver sub-counters
Middle-lug elements:  Steel
Strap: Blue leather
Option 3.
Case: Ceramic
Bezel: Black
Dial:  Black with silver sub-counters
Middle-lug elements:
Strap: Ceramic
Option 4.
Case: PVD steel
Bezel: Carbon
Dial:  Black with black sub-counters
Middle-lug elements:  Carbon
Strap: Black rubber
Option 5.
Case: PVD steel
Bezel: Pink gold
Middle-lug elements:  Black
Strap: Black rubber

Although at the time of writing the prices for these pieces have not been released, it’s a general guess around the camp fire that there going to come in around $5,300, so you better start saving.