Stührling Original Men’s Professional Dive Watch

I really wanted to talk about Stührling Original Men’s Professional Dive Watch and tell you the interesting story that started way back in the 1800s. The whole idea of the Stührling original Swiss watch is a something of a misnomer but one that can easily be explained.

What is Stührling?

Stuhrling Luxury

Stuhrling luxury

What was Stührling? Stührling or the original Stührling was a man, who went by the name Max Stührling, who himself was something of a rarity even in his day. He was an educated man passionate about horology and knowledgeable about the science of measuring time, together with the ability to handcraft the movements for expensive timepieces with precision and obsessive.

In his lifetime his timepieces sold for large amounts of money that even he couldn’t afford due to prices being pushed up by their popularity within the wealthy elite of the period. Sadly, Stührling, plagued by debt and injury disappeared and his brand was forgotten.

The New Original?


This is where the story gets interesting.  Max Stührling IV founded Stührling Original as a brand to rekindle his ancestor’s artistry and push the idea further than every before. Not only would the new brand continue the tradition of excellence but it would do something its predecessor could not do.

Max Stührling IV wanted to bring precision and quality to a broader audience and a price affordable by more than just the elite.

Now the Stührling name is a name that elicits thoughts of a commitment to the master watchmaking tradition, crafted by master watchmakers under Swiss guidance. And this is where the story starts to make sense when you understand the brand and its inception.

Stührling Swiss-Japanese Hybrid

The Stuhrling watches are assembled by von Burg-owned facilities in Switzerland and Hong Kong. The Swiss link works well with its original Swiss heritage of the Stuhrling’s well-respected master watchmaker ancestor of the 18th century. In fact, they are well known for openly admitting the use of Chinese movements in their watches.

Unfortunately, the quality of these movements first used in the Stuhrling Original was poor and damaged the reputation of Stuhrling. However, in recent years their movements 50% of which are automatic, have been seen to be free of issues.

The Collection

The collection is large, every piece looks the part, and the prices are really comfortable unless you choose a Tourbillion which will easily set you back $4000. Seriously, the Stuhrling collection is a collection for anyone because the prices are so varied, from $60 to $4000 depending on what you want and where you shop. Gemnation, for example, have 1365 Stuhrling timepiece listed, at the time of writing. But there are many other places and many other models to choose from when you are ready to make the plunge.

The Take-Away

The Stuhrling Original both owns something and lacks something, but in that dichotomy lies its strength. What is has in its favor is the history and the name of something real, and at the end of the day, its history is just as valuable as any other brand. The weakness is the Chinese movement, but also a source of its strength, giving the Stuhrling an affordable price point.

I have to say, I love these watches and I would buy one in a heartbeat, and perhap I will when it’s time to add to my collection. To check out the Stuhrling, go to the Stuhrling collection with this link, or take a look at my favorite, the  Stührling Original Men’s Professional Dive in blue.

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Stührling Original Men’s Professional Dive Watch
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