Watch Striking Complications Explained

Striking Complications

Striking Complications are those complications that use the watch chime to alert the wearer.

Any chime that can be set for a specific time to alert the wearer

Minute Repeater
Minute Repeater Complication is a common complication on vintage watches the Minute Repeater is now only seen on modern watches as an attempt to increase the cost and collectability of the pieces. The function causes the watch to chime when a mechanical lever on the side of the case is used.

Five Minute Repeater
The five-minute repeater is a chiming complication that pre-dates the minute repeater although, watches that strike the time “in passing” rather than on demand as a repeater does, are much older.

Quarter Repeater
The quarter repeater strikes the number of hours, and then the number of quarter hours since the last hour. The mechanism uses 2 chimes of different tones. The low tone usually signals the hours, and the high tone the quarter hours.

Half Quarter Repeater
The half-quarter repeater can sound the time to half a quarter hour, or 7 1⁄2 minutes. It strikes hours and then quarter hours, like the quarter repeater, then it uses a single tone in order to signal if more than half of the current quarter hour has passed.

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