Learn From Expert Watch Buyer How To Buy Watches Online Following These Basic Rules

Buying Watches Online: The Basic Rules

If there’s one thing you need to do it’s stick to the rules and don’t get burned. 


Rule 1. No Malls

You want to save money, take expert advice and buy an expensive watch at a good price so steer clear of the mall.

Seriously, Malls by their very nature are unable to offer the services and products you are looking for, they are ‘stack them high and sell them cheap’ outlets that hire the cheapest labor to maintain the best profit margins. To capture the attention of as many customers as possible, they promote the easiest cheapest products to the lowest common denominator and that all adds up to a cornucopia of mediocrity.

No, your local jeweler isn’t going to have that TAG or Rolex you’re looking for, or if they do have one in stock the chances are it’s not the model number you want and it’s over priced.

If you’re looking for an inexpensive trusted brand like Timex or Skagen you’re going to be okay at the mall but we’re here to find the best-discounted prices on luxury watches and that can all be found online.

Rule 2: Never Buy on Impulse

The second rule is as old as the hills and it has stood the test of time since the year zero. Don’t!!! buy on impulse. You know the saying, ‘buy now, regret later’. It’s true of expensive products just as it is for cheap stuff. How many pieces of junk do you have in your garage or store room that you thought you needed? how many times did you use it before it was consigned to storage?

Besides there I more to it when you are looking for a particular timepiece, there’s no point compromising and buying something similar if you wanted something else. Take your time, search, ask questions, source the best shop and the best price. In most cases, you’ll save at least 30% buying online from a trusted source rather than in person at a jewelry store. At the same time, it is not gentlemanly to try on watches at a store just to buy them somewhere else.

Rule 3. Research

Appearance is important, it’s probably the first thing that draws you to your favorite watch, but don’t just buy it based on looks, research the brand and model, research the movement and look for reviews and reports on line.

Rule 4: Make a List

Before making your decision make a list detailing your preferences and where you plan to wear it. If the environments are hazardous, how often and in what scenarios will you and your watch be exposed to that environment. This helps to determine what your requirements are and the watch features you can live without. This will help you to narrow down the style and features you’re looking for, helping you pick a timepiece that’s worth the price your spending.

For additional ideas about staying safe visit the Watch Buyers Notes section

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