Shocking 52% Drop In Worldwide SmartWatch Sales

Breaking news brought to you, from the good people at WWMT, suggests the unprecedented 52% drop in worldwide SmartWatch sales in the 3rd quarter. I recently talked about the how the Luxury Watch market is surviving the digital age, and this seems to confirm my thoughts.

According to a report by the market analysis company IDC, the comparison between this same period last year, an overall decrease of 52% has been seen in the Smartwatch market across the board.


Apple’s SmartWatches, in particular, took a beating with a 72% decline in sales from last year, which could be attributed to their relative high market share. This is currently estimated at 50% of the global market based on the first quarter of 2016. That translates into more than 2 million units around this period, with Samsung coming in at 15% and 0.6 million units for the same period.

Among the possible reasons for this decline that I have alluded to in my previous post, although these luxury items boast an array of capabilities including features to call, text, and monitor fitness, they all come at a cost. The cost comes at a high purchase price and a finite battery life, while the competition offering hybrid Smartwatches can offer extended battery life and slimmer designs.

Final Word

Is the love affair with the SmartWatch coming to an end? Do you know anyone who wears one? Tell me what you think.

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Shocking 52% Drop In Worldwide SmartWatch Sales
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