Seiko Launch Astron GPS Watch Into Space

You may or may not be aware of the Space Exploration Day held back in July this year and if that’s the case you’ll not know Jura Watches teamed up with Seiko to launch a helium balloon spaceward with a special payload.

On the 20th July Jura watches and Seiko launched a Seiko Astron GPS watch worth £1500 into the atmosphere reaching speeds of 300 meters per second and an altitude of 36km, which at 17km, is above the Armstrong line that’s commonly known as the gateway to space.


What’s The Big Idea?

That’s all very interesting and quite a spectacle, but what’s the point of the exercise after the initial launch? Well, unlike many other marketing events this one is interactive and not in a virtual way, oh no. For those lucky enough to be able to join in the fun they can bag a freebie.

At its peak altitude, the balloon bursts to leave the payload to plummet back to earth at up to 200mph due to the lack of air pressure or wind resistance, followed by a gentle landing beneath its parachute.

Once on terrafirma the race is on for everyone involved to grab their walking boots and start the search for the landing zone. Anyone finding the luxury timepiece gets to keep it.

James Sellors,  manager at Jura Watches, said: “We wish the very best of luck to all members of the public who get involved in the hunt to find the watch.”

About The Project

The date for the launch was chosen because it was International ‘Space Exploration Day’ and the Astron was chosen because it maintains time using satellite signals.

The 1.5m wide balloon when inflated is the size of a small car, in low pressure, and no atmosphere the balloon will expand to around 10 to 15m wide, which is more like the size of a bus, at which point the balloon is close to failing.

Eventually, the balloon bursts and with no atmosphere and no resistance its descent reaches 100mph before re-entering the Earth’s atmosphere allowing the use of a parachute to slow the descent to 3 to 4 mph.

The watch itself is the Seiko Astron GPS Solar Dual Time with ceramic bezel and sapphire crystal glass front, complete with a super clear coating technology giving crisp vision to the dial, 10 bars water resistance.


The Take Away

The Omega Speedmaster or the (Moonwatch) is the most famous of watches due to its journey into space with Armstrong line back in the 1960’s.  Now the Seiko Astron can also boast that it’s achieved space flight, passing the 17km Armstrong line that’s generally accepted as the gateway to space. Now for a £1500 price tag, you can own your own space watch.


Seiko Astron GPS Space Watch found by family, read more.

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Seiko Launch Astron GPS Watch Into Space
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