Romain Jerome Realease Super Mario Luxury Watch

In honor of the Nintendo Super Mario game’s 30th anniversary, RJ-Romain Jerome released the new Nintendo inspired Super Mario homage collection to add to an already impressive line of pop culture inspired luxury pieces. If you’re asking who is RJ-Romain Jerome it’s probably the biggest name in luxury you never heard of.

RJ X Super Mario Bros

super mario watch face

A young company founded in 2004 Geneva, Switzerland, Romain Jerome is an independent watchmaking house creating emotionally charged timepieces that take their owners back in time to a more innocent time, allowing them to wear a piece of pop history on their wrist.

While the pop culture collections are tongue in cheek nod to the past they are far from a joke. These pieces are genuine Swiss made high-end watchmaking at its best, both technically and mechanically they are state of the art craftsmanship.

Who Is Super Mario?

super marioIn a universe far from here lived mustachioed plumber by the name of Mario and together with his plumber brother Luigi, the super Mario brothers battled Bowser to save the kidnapped Princess Peach. In an homage to this iconic 80s console game, Romain Jerome launched a collection inspired by the world of the Mario Bros.

This piece is a black PVD-coated titanium 46mm oversized case with large arrowhead hands against a black dial. The dial itself is where the magic happens as you can see the most iconic elements of the game are represented in a pixel perfect fashion, from Mario in his trademark red shirt and blue overalls to the famous jump and iconic mushroom.


The bad news for any Nintendo Mario fans is the production has been limited to only 85 copies in deference to the date of birth 1985, and your pockets would need to be pretty deep to cough up the estimated €17.000 to put one on your wrist.

Pixels of 1985

In honor of the genre-defining video game and the 8-bit technology behind it, Romain Jerome expressed its creativity creating a playful tribute to 1980 pixelation. Here we see hand-painted applique in enamel lacquered in the 85 original color, Mario with his recognizable red shirt and blue overalls.

Super mario close up
A detailed look at the case shows black PVD-coated titanium case with an integrated back.


All in all, this is an exciting and ultimately amusing homage to the iconic game and it’s sure to win many admirers out there amongst those of a certain age who remember the `good ole days`. With so few produced it will be interesting to see how their popularity dictates demand and of course, ultimately, the price of ownership. Watch this space!

If you would think this design is interesting you may be interested in seeing more of Romain Jerome’s wide-ranging collection of intricate timepieces?

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Romain Jerome Realease Super Mario Luxury Watch
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