Retailers Brace For The Black Friday Sales Bonanza

It’s that time of year again when retailers brace for the Black Friday Sales Bonanza, officially starting 25th November, running into Cyber Monday 28th November.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Happy Thanks Giving Meal

Held the day after Thanksgiving, Black Friday comes to you as you’ve just digested your last Turkey based meal and started preparing yourself in earnest, to enter the pugilist playground of the shop floor.

With countless bargains to vy for, it’s little wonder we see the scenes of carnage on the news bulletins, as everyday folk battle with each other over the TV screens and other electronic items.

I guess there are those who enjoy the process, the fight, the smell of sweat, the taste of blood, and the ultimate victory of defeating their competition and scoring a ‘bitchin’ 50in SmartTV for a fraction of its original price. But, equally, there are many others who join in the fun from a distance.

If you’re more inclined to remain on the periphery of the action and still take advantage of the discounts, there are better ways for you to stay ahead of the crowd. With a few simple steps, you can watch from a distance and still bring home the goods without fear of injury. Try signing up to store email newsletter so they can send you details of all their offers. You can also follow your favorite stores on Facebook, Twitter, and any other social network they use for their marketing.

Another smart move could be signing up for Amazon Prime membership taking advantage of the exclusive 30-minute early access period to all its Lightning Deals. The good news is this is available to those still within their free 30-day trial.

If you really, really feel the need to physically go to the store then go with a plan. For example, if you are looking for a specific item it’s a good idea to check out the reviews on that product and know it’s precisely what you want. Them, as you already know, get to the store in good time. I think we are all fully aware of the queues that Black Friday can generate?

Whatever your particular preference or skill set in the onslaught, this is one of the biggest shopping days of the year, so clear your schedule, dust off your credit card, and join the organized chaos in time to bag those bargains in time for the holidays. And have fun!

Black Friday Is Not Friday

It’s a funny thing but Black Friday isn’t an accurate description but more of a phrase. You see, regardless of its name, this is no longer a one-day event. Many retailers kick-off their discounts days or somethings weeks ahead of the official day.

A perfect example is Amazon who planned a 12 day period of specials from midnight Monday, November 14 thru 23:59 Friday, November 25.

Where Does Black Friday Have To Offer?

Black Friday Rush

Retailers are by nature very secretive about their offerings but it’s never difficult to guess what kind of goods will be heavily discounted. Electronics are the most obvious products and the most popular with customers. The general rule when it comes to electronic goods with their built-in obsolescence, is that as new models come onto the market the old models are discounted just to move out the doors.

So you can always expect deals on Game consoles, Smartphones, TVs, and assorted gadgets. Products that don’t seem to fit into this model are the Apple products and in general, laptops which tend to remain at a constant price regardless.

Games consoles: You will probably be able to snaffle good deals on PS4 and Xbox One, as well as other consoles, as both have new models coming out. Sometimes retailers offer deals with a game or two thrown in.

One area I have failed to mention so far is the watch market, and this is a BIG market that you shouldn’t ignore it. Many stores will be offering discounts on fashion brands, and possibly some high-end luxury watches, but to be really sure of a bargain you can always check out my reviews of the best discount watch stores online.

The good news here is these discount stores are always offering great prices, but on top of these great prices, they’ll always be offering additional discounts during holiday periods and Black Friday and Cyber Monday are no different.

The Black Friday Fun Facts

If you’ve ever wondered where Black Friday came from you’re not alone. The name seems to predate the Black Friday we all know and love today, having its routes in financial crisis. One of the most appealing examples for the genesis of the phrase was the Black Friday 24 September 1869, when the price of gold plummeted after an attempt to manipulate the market failed.

Another idea that’s been offered as the route of the expression was the Philadelphia Police Department using this phrase describing the traffic mayhem caused as people racing to the shops to bag a bargain. All this while at the same time, thousands were entering the city for the annual Army versus Navy American football match back in the1960s. Apparently, Philadelphia retailers attempted to re-brand it the “Big Friday” to no avail.

Final Thoughts

Everyone loves a bargain and we all like buying stuff we don’t need sometimes, and that’s fine because somethings it’s just good fun to shop. Just remember to be careful. Just because it’s a bargain don’t forget to take precautions and always pay by credit card for purchases over £100 but under £30,000. This way you have insurance.

On a technical note, experts have predicted an increase in sales made using mobile devices so please take the time and download the store apps for a safe experience, and have your details set up in advance.

Above all. Have fun!

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carl scutt
carl scutt
Carl's the founder and editor of His background's in Technology and Internet Marketing. He currently lives in southern Spain. Learn more about him here, and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, Google+.

About carl scutt

Carl's the founder and editor of His background's in Technology and Internet Marketing. He currently lives in southern Spain. Learn more about him here, and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, Google+.

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