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Rakuten Review

Rakuten is one of the largest e-commerce platforms you may never have heard of and with such a massive outfit one would expect a streamlined service. Although I have never experienced any negativity using Rakuten, I have been shocked and disappointed at the number of poor reports from disappointed customers.

It saddens me to have to say I can not recommend this platform at present, but I hope to find an improvement in their customer service that allows me to make a new recommendation.  If you have any experience with Rakuten please let me know. Read on…

Customer Feedback

Date: 18/01/22
Name: Anne-70247
Outcome: Poor
1 stars

“Do not use – warranty is junk”

“I ordered a set of printer cartridges for an HP Printer from Toner MarketPlac. Somehow when they did not work and I wanted to return them the return ended up being handled by Rakuten. Despite the 100% guaranty of getting a free return label within 45 days with no questions asked, I was told I had to submit all sorts of photos of the cartridges, the printer, etc. I had already repacked the cartridges and was not going to do that. I returned them at my own cost. I was then refunded $4.95 less than the cost of the cartridges due to Rakuten’s taking off that money for their points, which I had never signed up for, did not use and did not benefit from. “

Date: 17/5/26
Name: EvidenceBased
Outcome: Poor
5 stars

“Horrible Organization”

“I signed up with Rakuten Marketing in a business relationship. I knew Rakuten had a bad reputation and I had seen them acquire years ago and completely destroy it. Unfortunately, I had no choice but to try to do business with them. Huge mistake! They quickly confirmed my worst fears, decimating our relationship in just a matter of hours! What genuinely surprised me was that they did this capriciously, with no warning at all. I’m just grateful that I didn’t invest more in the arrangement than I did. If I had let them string me along for months before this happened, it could have been truly devastating. I’ve tried to contact Rakuten, but they don’t even have the basic decency to respond. This is one of the most psychopathic organizations I’ve ever encountered. Don’t think you have no choice but to try to do business with them. You do. Anyone who chooses to trust Rakuten with even a simple transaction has been warned.”

Date: 12/31/16
Outcome: Excellent

janicem-53780  5 stars

Fast and accurate service

“I read reviews about this store and was reluctant to order, but then I figured it was only two wool scarves for $40, so it wasn’t that much to loose. I ordered these scarves two days ago and they have already arrived! It was exactly what I ordered and the quality was as expected for the price. I am very pleased and would order from them again.”

Date: 9/21/16
Outcome: Not Good



“Once you have a return (in my case, damaged goods), you’re on your own. Rakuten simply opens a “ticket” tells you “Here is the seller’s number, go call them and figure it out, SUCKER! LOL LOL LOL (cue evil villain laughter here)” Once they get that money from your credit card, they are outta here faster than you can say “WTF just happened?”

I sure wish I read the HUNDREDS of terrible reviews left by other shoppers, or perhaps the 171 NEGATIVE REVIEWS LEFT ON MY LOCAL BBB WEBSITE. It’s so bad, I almost have to laugh.

Date: 9/19/16
Outcome: Not Good

maryCarol344  1 star

Credit Card account stolen and wrong product send

“This company is terrible, my account was hacked after using it with them, and in addition they sent the wrong product.”

Date: 5/03/16
Outcome: Not Good

allan-38820  1 star

Buyer beware

“Selling items via a market place is a major responsibility.This company does not have customer service via phone, only email. The item i purchased was being shipped by another company. I checked this companies website and behold it states they do not even carry this item. Rakuten directed me to this company and their customer service, which btw was insane. Waiting an hour just to speak with someone who then proceeds to tell lie after lie.”

Date: 5/02/16
Outcome: Not Good

hbrotman  1 star

VERY Poor Service

“I ordered a Chicken Coop from them. Though the order was acknowledged on their web site, the ONLY emails I got and keep getting are marketing emails (So I know they have my correct email). After a week I got onto their web site and FINALLY found where I could check on the order. All it said was “cancelled.” No explanation and certainly no communication!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will NEVER order from this place again!

Date: 4/13/16
Outcome: Not Good

sd2296  1 star

Customer “NO” Service

“I attempted to order from a market place seller thru Rakuten. I changed my address before submitting my order, but Rakuten gave the old address to the seller. When I notified both Rakuten and the seller of the error, they both told ME to contact THEIR carrier and have the package re-routed. There was no offer of help from either. UNBELIEVABLE. I have never had such poor customer service in my life. I will NEVER shop with Rakuten again.”

Date: 4/11/16
Outcome: Not Good

Glaive  1 star

Sneaky. Lies. Refuse to honour points or reply. DO NOT USE!

“Rakuten will promise to give you “super points” however you will not get these immediately and when you do ge them they will sneak them in without letting you know and then they expire them within 2 weeks! Tell me how is anyone supposed to know they have points awarded to them if they are not made aware and when you go to check them (under a month later) you find out they have expired and they refuse to re-instate them. To make matters worse they refuse to reply to emails so you have to keep sending them emails but they just stop replying eventually which is frustrating.

The only reason I used them was because they were offering these super points which made the product cheaper overall.

Bottom line: I WISH! I WISH! I had read about them first. DO NOT TRUST, for your own sake! ”

Date: 4/01/16
Outcome: Excellent

lpncarolann  5 stars


“Fast shipping and merchandise sent earlier than expected, received before the expected shipping date. Cheap prices for brand name merchandise. Bought a Sony Movie Projector. Would order again. Have told friends about it.”

Date: 2/08/16
Name:News watcher

newswatcher  1 star

Can’t buy if you can’t login!

“Haven’t been able to login for 3-months. They don’t respond to emails and their phone customer service is abysmal. How they stay in business is beyond me. Sure miss that’s for sure.”

Date: 1/19/16
Outcome: Not Good

2chansen  1 star

Pathetic Customer Service

“Sure wish I would have read these reviews before purchasing recliner chairs from Rakuten. Took months to finally get them and then when received found that one of the chairs was a used returned item sent to fill the order. Now it is defective and Rakuten nor Casabellalife will honor the warranty. Definitely avoid this company at all costs. I guaranty you will regret it. “

My overall rating: Disappointing

1 star

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