Pilot Harrison Ford Trusts Breitling Aerospace

Harrison Ford the American actor and box office powerhouse has also been a civilian pilot since the early 90s so understands what he wants from an aviation watch, so for this job, pilot Harrison Ford trusts Breitling Aerospace.

Harrison has been seen on the big screen from his first outing in American Graffiti in 1973, but it wasn’t until 1977 when he appeared as Han Solo in Star Wars, that his career really kicked off for Ford and the Stars War’s franchise.

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His earlier films introduced some interesting characters such as Rick Deckard in the dystopian science fiction film Blade Runner, and an Academy Award for Best Actor following for the thriller Witness. Later on, he would become well known for his more formulaic appearances as Jack Ryan in his action series.

But some ideas live forever, and we see Star Wars is bigger than ever, and of course, everyone boy of a certain age knows Indiana Jones and his wild adventures flying around the world discovering treasures and fighting the bad guys. It’s only natural then, the man behind the character, like one of his famous contemporaries namely John Travolta, also flys in real life, reflecting his onscreen adventures as a daring aviator and adventurer.


Breitling Aerospace

Like all Breitlings’ the Aerospace retains its traditional styling combined a bullet proof movement making it a perfect choice for an aviator.

Meeting all aviation requirements the Breitling chronograph functions may have become more of status symbols than practical tools, although many owners may differ in opinion on this. What is true of Breitling are their large dials giving superb visibility and of course allowing for the insertion of their analog dials displaying more information.

Ford’s Aerospace watch is a sturdy 42mm titanium construction giving air force strength while remaining light supported by the professional II bracelet with flip-lock, the bidirectional rotating bezel helps with calculations on the move. The movement is the SuperQuartz Breitling 79 featuring dual time zones, time, day/date, timer, chronograph, alarm, Chronometer, analog and LCD digital display. For under $4000 it’s really a lot of watch for the money.



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Pilot Harrison Ford Trusts Breitling Aerospace
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