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I woke up this morning another year older and hopefully another year wiser. Yep, another birthday has hit me like a brick and it made me think of buying gifts online, in particular, watches. online shopping for watches poses a number of questions, none more so important as which discount watch stores are worth approaching. You need know they have the brand and model you like, at a price you like, and you need to be able to trust them with your money.

But let’s start at the beginning. Perhaps the first question you need to ask is what type of watch are you looking for?

Sure, you’re looking for top quality, authentic, totally genuine, and guaranteed luxury watch. But looking for the best quality watches to buy is a broad church that covers a multitude of makes and models. From fashion brands like Gucci, Guess, and countless others, to the luxury watch market known for their craft, precision, and history, like Breitling, Rolex, Patek Philippe commanding impressive prices.

Discount Watch Stores

The discount watch store is why we’re here and the discount store is what I’m going to show you. If you’re in the market for a fashion discount-store-branded watch, let’s say for the sake of argument you want to source Gucci fashion watch for yourself. You could first look at a discount store that specializes in the fashion labels, in this case, you could check out Jomashop, world of watches, or discountshop. If they have the brand and model you then need a price reference to compare with other stores and the all important customer reviews. What guarantee does the store give you about authenticity, and what guarantees are offered?

Does the price make sense to you, too low, too high? Too high and you need to look elsewhere or re-evaluate your choice of watch. Too low and it may start to look suspicious like it’s too cheap to be genuine. If in doubt you can try contacting previous customers that left reviews or failing that, just leave it and look elsewhere.

If you are lusting after a precision crafted luxury Swiss timepiece that you could never afford if were not for the discount stores, you can still check the inventory at Jomashop or world of watches.  There are other well-respected watch stores that work more in this high-end market like Gemnation or Ashford, but of course, the prices are commensurate with quality.

Where To Shop?

Whichever store you visit the rules are the same. Be careful and read the reviews. Today I’m not here to tell you where you should be buying your new watch, or tell you which is the best store for the best quality watches.  I do, however,  want you to know there are a number of online watch stores you need to know about before you start searching for luxury watches to buyTo get you started, feel free to browse my online discount watch stores review page to get an idea what’s out there.

Breaking The Rules

Breaking-rulesI want to take the time to mention two important names here. They’re both slightly different than your basic discount store but both offer stunning quality and value for money.

I know you’ve heard of Timex and are familiar with the brand’s history and perceived quality, but did you know you can buy at discounted rate online? If you want top quality, affordability, durability, in one package that nobody ever turns their nose up at, Timex is the simplest and possibly the safest purchase you can ever make. Just something to think about.

A Serious Competitor.

The second name I want to mention is Christopher Ward. If you have never heard of Christopher Ward watches don’t panic, but hold on tight because you’re in for a bit of a shock. The brand is unique in that it was born out of an interest to make ownership of top quality watches more democratic. The aim was to make top quality precision watches available to a wider range of people, so we can all appreciate the craft, beauty, and precision of a handcrafted watch.

Three friends decided to create Christopher Ward watches back in 2004 since then they have made a name for themselves. Having designed and built their own cases, straps and notable, their own movement, which the first commercially viable movement from a British watch brand in 50 years.

The piece de resistance is their ability to create a custom build for their clients, with only an additional £60 on top of the original price. It doesn’t get better that that! The Christopher Ward is a serious competitor to the Swiss giants at a fraction of the cost.

Shop Online Safely

My motivation is to enable you to find a good quality watch at a good price. My interests are in the value for money market of aspirational shopping rather that the out of this world dreamers market. When I recommend a watch shop online it’s because I believe it’s an honest affordable outlet of quality manufactured watches that can be trusted.

The main takeaway from this is, be careful. Luxury watch sales are much like anything else online. The transactions are common but sometimes things go wrong,  but with some careful research, you will remain safe buying your designer watch online.


Don’t forget, in the worst case scenario you will be paying by credit card or PayPal which are both insured should anything go wrong. Of course, the plan is for nothing to go wrong but what’s the expression? Plan for the worst and hope for the best :o)

I hope you don’t find my tone too glib, I am just trying to give a balanced outlook and inject a little humor into a very serious subject.

In Conclusion

For a general idea about the online watch stores available to you, refer to my list of online discount watch stores review pageThe stores on this page are not in order of preference but in alphabetical other. You will see each store has been awarded an overall star rating by me based on a number of criteria, including Quality of Product, Speed of Delivery, Affordability, Warranties, and Returns, and Customer Service.

A very important concept to keep in mind when reading the customer reviews is the idea of a perfect service or product. Yes, we all want perfection but sometimes it’s just not possible. So, what am saying?  I am saying that the old expression is very truth.

“you can not please everyone”

The point is. If you read through customer reviews and you don’t find any negative reviews it should ring alarm bells. Either the provider or supplier is either perfect 100% of the time, or the negative reviews are being hidden. Now, if negative reviews are being hidden, what does that suggest to you? For me, that’s a little worrying.

For me, I would much rather read a few negative reviews in the mix, but it really depends on the content of the negative review. If a customer has complained that the product was not as described and the issue not resolved, I would definitely walk away. If on the other had the item was incorrect but replaced without delay, I would be happy to give the benefit of the doubt putting it down to an innocent mistake.

Also, bear in mind, some people are more inclined to complain than others. In some cases, it seems to be their reason for living but I am no psychiatrist so I will say no more about that.

Has this post been informative? Did you read it and feel you wasted your time? Please let me know what you think about my site, let me know what I’m doing right or wrong. I invite all feedback so don’t be shy. If you liked this post please share it with your friends or anyone who will benefit from having this information.

If you like this piece please share it with your friends and family, and let me know if what I am doing right. If you don’t like this piece please let me know what I’m doing wrong. Thanks for staying with me this far. Until next time bye bye.

carl scutt
carl scutt
Carl's the founder and editor of His background's in Technology and Internet Marketing. He currently lives in southern Spain. Learn more about him here, and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, Google+.

About carl scutt

Carl's the founder and editor of His background's in Technology and Internet Marketing. He currently lives in southern Spain. Learn more about him here, and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, Google+.

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  1. Hey Carl, I like how you bring your website down to earth and treat it as if you’re actually talking to real human beings instead of getting your message across for search engines.

    When I read this post, I found it to be very easy to read and watch buyers will have great clarity reading the content you have here.

    Thanks =)

    • Hi Lawrence,

      Thanks so much for taking the time to leave me your thoughts. It’s super cool that you think the post talks directly to the reader, this was my aim.

      I hope to see you back here again soon.



  2. Hey Carl!

    Happy Birthday! I think as we get older, we try to forget about our own birthdays because it reminds us of our age. HA HA. But like you said, we gain more wisdom 😉

    It’s been years since I last owned a watch but now I’m deciding to buy one and be in with the cool crowd. Although, I can’t belive the amount of choice available especially now there are smartphone watches too.

    Thanks for giving me some direction and I really appreciate your recommended discount resources for watches. However, I can’t decide the style of watch I want so I need to browse your site some more for inspiration.


    • Hi Neil,

      Thanks for thank , I appreciate it…spoken like a man of a certain age right? hahaha

      Yeah, I know it’s difficult to decide the make and model if you’re just looking for a watch without a particular requirement. If you want some help drop me a line and we casn chat about it.



  3. Hi Carl,

    This is pretty informative post. I actually never bought watches online, mostly prefer to buy them in stores, but I am sure I can use some of your ideas to get great deals on good watches that I always wanted.
    Thanks a lot,

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