Omega Watches For Men And Elvis Presley

Omega Watches for men have always had a collection with a steady procession of ‘A’ list celebrities rocking their products, and the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll, Elvis Presley was one of the brands’ big names.

Watches have always held a special place not just for the man in the street, but the celebrity too, because a celebrity can’t carry a yacht, plane, or supercar around with them. How else can a super successful ‘A’ list illustrate their success while remaining approachable?

Elvis, like many others, knew a luxury timepiece could say more about character than words or actions and he owned a substantial collection ranging from Omega, Longines, to Rolex.

One of his collection, the Omega Constellation Calendar with black dial was auctioned off June 12th, 2012 for a cool $52,500 which set a record for that reference.


This rare black-dialed Constellation Calendar produced around 1960 is an automatic chronometer movement with center seconds and date window in a steel case with rose-gold plating. Due to its rarity and the pieces rock ‘n’ roll memorabilia status bidding surpassed all estimates. The winning bidder not only received the watch and a letter of attestation from Charlie Hodge, friend, and confidant of Presley and previous owner of the watch but also the fascinating story of how Hodge came to own the piece.

The story goes that Charlie Hodge had expressed his love of the watch and promised one day he would own one just like it. At one point Elvis said ““Charlie, you don’t have to wait any longer” took the watch off his wrist and handed to Hodge.

Elvis The GI. With His Omega Constellation


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Omega Watches For Men And Elvis Presley
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