No Time To Waste Timeless Luxury Watches Exhibits Grand Seiko November 18

Great news for those of you interested in the delicacies of Japanese horology, as Timeless Luxury Watches exhibits grand Seiko master craftsman from Japan. But the race is on for anyone in the Frisco area because you need to register, or RSVP immediately to to secure a place.

What’s Happening In Fresco?

Timeless Luxury Watches are inviting you to a rare demonstration of the master watchmakers’ art, introduced by a Grand Master Craftsman from Japan. The event will be held on Friday 18th November between 16:00 and 19:00 where you will enjoy an evening of Japanese delicacies, culture, and horology.

While that may seem a little rarified just look at what you’re going to experience if you can make it to the event. Firstly, you are going to spend the evening in the presence of some of the finest examples of Japanese horology and the GS Master WatchMaker. So, the collection of Grand Seikos, Astrons, and Prospexes aren’t the only reason to make the effort because you’re going to see the Master WatchMaker assemble watches by hand throughout the evening.

Grand Seikos Astrons and Prospex

Seiko Astrons and Prospexes

This years’ event is brought to you by GS master specializing in spring drive movements a design exclusive to high-end Seikos’ that marry the beautiful mechanical movements with the precision of quartz technology.

New Seiko Spring Drive


The Details Again.

Friday between 4pm and 7pm
Timeless Luxury Watches
6950 Lebanon Road, Suite 103
Frisco, TX 75034

Japanese Culture: A Refreshing Experience

But wait, that’s not all, don’t forget the Japanese culture. This year you’ll be taking part in a culinary taste sensation second to none, brought to you by celebrity master chef Tre Wilcox. That’s right, Chef Tre Wilcox will be preparing Japanese-inspired cuisine especially for you. Just take a look at the mouth-watering menu:

Celebrity Chef Tre Wilcox

 tre wilcox

*Tuna Tartar “Spoons”, Cilantro, Jalapeno, Scallions
*Hamachi Sashimi, Grapefruit, Yuzu Dressing, Panko
*Beef and Chicken Satays
*Coconut Shrimp Shooters, Ginger Foam



And it doesn’t end here either. Do you like Japanese drinks? If so, you can sample some fine Japanese sake, beer, and whiskey…and it doesn’t even stop there!!!!

On top of this Timeless Luxury Watches will be giving away gifts to a few lucky winners. So it’s got to be worth making the effort if you’re in the Fresco area right?

Contact them right now and get your name down.

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No Time To Waste Timeless Luxury Watches Exhibits Grand Seiko November 18
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