Patek Philippe and Audemars Piguet Which Luxury Watch Is For 2017

Luxury Watches For 2017

Attempting to talk about the best luxury watches of 2017 is really setting a lofty goal when you take into consideration the enormous range of styles and functions. It doesn’t matter if you’re interested in classic watches, luxury watches, fashion watches, or smart watches.  These days there is a watch for everyone regardless of style, function or cost.

Discountwatchstores has always championed the affordable watch over the more exotic and less obtainable but has never shied away from singing the praises of some of the most exquisite timepieces out there just to dream of how the other half lives.

This aside, let`s look at the luxury watch market for the coming year.

First off, let me ask you about your idea of luxury and how it fits into your world. Are you the type of person who wants the best you can afford but refuse to compromise on quality and function, and what’s your stand on the augmented technology, or even, full blown smart watches?

The plethora of offerings from all over, from the cheap classic to the Luxury Swiss, to the Fashionista, to the full-blown computerized smart watch, everything is out there waiting for you to snap it up.

Basically, there are so many makes, styles, and models, it’s difficult to summarize or even postulate about the best until you break it all down to a few categories.

The Modern Watch.

Over the last few years the advancement of technology that’s seen microchips being put in everything from toasters to pets, it’s no surprise tech has found its way into watches in the form of augmented technology you can find in the Casio Edifice for example, all the way to its inevitable conclusion in the Apple, Android or LG Smart watches.

The Watch Industry In Brief.

The watch industry is moving forward just as fast as any other industry because of new technology and new demands made on the market. New materials,  different shapes and sizes myriad fascinating new applications ushered in by the use of technology, all point to a vast wealth of exciting opportunities. This is only equaled by the difficulty in deciding which way to turn.

The only thing to do is drill down to your core requirement and budget, to give yourself an idea of what’s out there that suits your purpose.

Luxury Swiss Watches

Many luxury brands have been around for 200 years or so, and most started their illustrious history in Switzerland, France or Germany. Names like Patek Philippe and Audemars Piguet are names you will instantly recognize even if you don’t know their work.

You can find some smart bargains on many of the online watch stores like Jomashop or Gemnation, or Ashford for some high-end brands from Breitling to Rolex.

Another discountwatchstore you should take the time to look at is Princeton Watches who offer some great prices on more cost effective options.

Although the idea of a bank-breaking  Patek Philippe or Audemars Piguet may be attractive, discount watch stores is about affordability so let’s skip over this, with a brief look at a few nice examples of aspirational luxury pieces.

Raymond Weil

Raymond Weil Maestro


Raymond Weil Maestro 4830-STC-05659 41mm Automatic Stainless Steel Case Black Calfskin Anti-Reflective Sapphire Men’s Watch

The Raymond Weil Maestro features anti-reflective sapphire glass and automatic movement, so no winding after the initial full wind. The case is a nice modern 41 mm in diameter and 12mm thick.

Prices vary from $991.40 on Amazon to $695 from Jomashop

All in all a nice example.




The Master Collection Automatic Chronograph by Longines. Longines has produced Swiss Luxury Watches since they were founded in 1832. They have the name and reputation although, in modern global times, they are now owned by the Swatch Group. They have a large share in the Luxury Sports and Chronograph market and probably best known for their range of “Aviator” style watches.

This lovely example is the Master Collection Automatic Chronograph with 40mm diameter case 11mm thick, sapphire glass and mechanical movement.

From $3,412.79 on Amazon to $2,395.00 on Jomashop


Tag Heuer

Tag Heuer Men’s Formula 1

The Tag Heuer Men’s Formula 1 41mm Steel Bracelet & Case S. Sapphire Quartz Black Dial Watch. TAG Heuer has to be one of my personal favorites along side Omega, Breitling, and on the lower end of the market, Casio, Citizen, all the way down to Invicta. They all have qualities I look for in a watch, whether that’s an interesting design, beautiful color scheme, or first class engineering.

The TAG Heuer and the Omega are two amazing brands that do two things simultaneously and that is building top quality luxury timepieces at entry level prices that allow more people with a passion for obtaining their dream
From $1,216.41 on Amazon to $895:00 at Jomashop


Entry Level Luxury


Tissot CouturierThe Tissot Couturier Collection from Swiss Watch Maker founded in 1853, now a subsidiary of The Swatch Group of Switzerland. Although Tissot is the entry level brand for Swiss luxury there`s no shame in owning this one. Far from it, the Tissot is recognized globally as a premium brand offering top quality at affordable prices, which is precisely what discountwatchstores is all about.

This piece has a Swiss Automatic Movement housed in a 39mm case protected by Synthetic Sapphire Crystal giving a Water Resistance to 100 meters. That means it’s good for everyday wear and recreational diving.

$358.64 Amazon to $329.00 from Jomashop 


Other level brands I’m like to include in this piece are Omega and TAG Heuer, who offer superb high quality and value for money through their entry level models such as Seamaster Aqua Terra 150M which can be yours for as little as $1,739.00 and the TAG Heuer Formula 1 that border luxury with affordability at a meager $895 from discounted source. Other more obvious brands offering top quality at a price that’s affordable are the old dependables Casio and Seiko who both offer superb quality and precision engineering at low cost. And how can I forget to remind you about Discount Citizen Watches that always provide the best timepieces with good design, great quality and value for money?

Fashion Branded Watches

As always the fashion brands will attract the fashionistas and why not, there are many lovely creations if you are interested in a brand to complete your look. Let’s not be snobs about this, you don’t have to spend thousands on a Swiss watch when you can spend hundreds on a piece that suits your requirements.

Like everything else, this is a personal choice and everyone is different when it comes to fashion brands. Sometimes it’s advertising or sometimes it’s just that you know what you like. Whatever it is, the old favorites like Armani and Gucci are always a sure bet and continues to offer new and exciting models year after year.

It’s the same at the less pricey end of this market with the likes of DKNY and Boss who constantly introduce new models to compliment any outfit. Taking this to its ultimate conclusion, at the economical end of the market you can pick up Invicta watches cheap from the discounts sites very easily with lovely pieces, and they’re always interesting and attractive.

Augmented Technology

In the world which is neither classic nor uber modern, we have the augmented technology section. This is where watchmakers enter the technological world by added additional functions to their otherwise classic builds in order to remain competitive. A perfect example is the Casio Edifice Solar that’s both solar powered and has Bluetooth connectivity allowing you to connect to your Smartphone. A more refined example would be the Timex intelligent quartz collection that also connects to your Smartphone to tracks steps or distance helping burn calories and even measure sleep. 


I’m not going to get into this area because I think it`s a real big field that deserves more than I can give to it right now. What I can say is the Smartwatch has arrived and despite the economic situation and the outcry from purists, it’s not just  LG, Android, and Apple that produce Smartwatches.

Even the Swiss luxury brands like TAG Heuer are taking notice of this important market, producing the TAG HEUER CONNECTED seen below.  It may look like a traditional watch but in reality, it`s a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal
1.5-inch fully circular transflective LTPS LCD display. You will be happy to know it`s a touch screen supporting multiple finger recognition with a screen resolution: 360×360, 240ppi.

Doesn’t sound too much like a traditional watch to me, but I’m keeping my mind open. The Jury is still out.


The Gentlemen’s Choice – My Editorial

Perhaps it`s an old-fashioned idea, but I think you will agree with me, a watch doesn’t just give you the time, and it really shouldn’t give your heart rate or count the number of steps you’ve taken. In its truest sense, the watch is an account of your outlook on life, and the things you take the time to care about. A beautiful watch with a hand made mechanical movement built by a master watchmaker is a functioning piece of history, and the one piece of jewelry a man can wear (apart from a wedding band) that can express a sense of `self`.

I was always taught that a man should have one good pair of shoes and one good suit, but I would like to add to that and say, at least one good watch for those momentous occasions in life. For me, I suspect that will always be a classic mechanical watch built by a skilled pair of skilled hands rather than a computer technician.

The Watch List.

Or the list to watch I suppose I could say? There will be some new arrivals over the year and I will try to bring these to you, but in terms of what to watch out for, I would always suggest following your passion. Do you revel in Rolex or pine over a Patek Philippe? Perhaps you lust after a Lacoste and drool over Dolce and Cabana? Fine, it`s good to keep an open mind but with some much choice out there you need to focus on the desires that drive you, so for me, I will always be watching Omega, Breitling, and the other quality producers of fine watches at affordable prices. For me, that is Casio, Seiko, Citizen because the best Japanese watches really can stack up well against the Luxury Swiss names.

Where To Look

Again, there are so many places to look, it`s difficult to know where to start. With so many discountwatchstores to choose from it all comes down to which is the best online watch store for you? There is a worldofwatches out there and plenty of smart bargains to have but you need to find some savvy watch reviews to help you decide. When looking for a product and a supplier of the product, always search for product reviews and try to get customer feedback on the supplier before doing anything.

For a list of potential online discount stores please read my best discount watch store reviews to give you an idea about brands and prices.

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carl scutt
Carl's the founder and editor of His background's in Technology and Internet Marketing. He currently lives in southern Spain. Learn more about him here, and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, Google+.

About carl scutt

Carl's the founder and editor of His background's in Technology and Internet Marketing. He currently lives in southern Spain. Learn more about him here, and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, Google+.

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