Luminox Navy Seal Watch

When we think of Luminox we generally think of the Armed Forces as it was the Luminox Navy SEAL watch started it all. The story began simply as one mans’ realization that his knowledge of a Swiss self-powered illumination system giving clear visibility of poor light was perfect to fill a gap in an untapped market. Together with a friend, Barry Cohen founded Luminox that has ever since been dedicated to producing the most advanced luminescence, giving easily readability in all their sports and later tactical military and navy watches.

The Navy SEALs Watch


Although Luminox has been producing top quality pieces with advanced luminescence since 1989 it was The Luminox Navy SEAL watch that made Luminox a household name. This only came about while Navy SEALs were looking for a solution for a dependable display easily and unfailingly visibility on night missions, discovering Luminox at a trade show in the early 90s. Following Luminox successful development of the Navy SEAL watch the style was marketed across the US and the world and soon the US Air Force fighter pilots asked Luminox to develop a piece for them, the result being Lockheed Martin timepieces.

Lockheed Martin

Over the following decades, Luminox continued to design and develop timepieces for the civilian law enforcement and armed forces which eventually filtered through to the civilian market who equated Luminox with reliable ruggedness built to withstand the punishing environments, front-line workers. Throughout these years of development the Luminox although distributed widely through a different field, is still considered to be the Navy SEALs watch.

Light Technology

The power of the Luminox self-powered illumination is the constant ability to see the markings clearly in complete darkness with no power source for up to 25 years. Knowing this we understand why Navy, Air Force Pilots, and Navy Divers took to this pieces so easily. But how does this all work? The Always Visible Technology isn’t easy, each Luminox watch features tiny gas lights (borosilicate glass capsules), which are always lit, on the hands and hour markers.

Unlike other manufacturers who paint markers with luminous materials that fade relatively quickly, Luminox installs its unique lighting system into each piece as an additional manufacturing process which is costly both in terms of time and money but it’s the whole purpose of the Luminox brand. Those in the know understand when buying a Luminox, they are getting technology that was previously only for the military and law enforcement officers with added features of Swiss made jeweled movements both water and shock resistant. Over the years Luminox has also started adding automatic movements to answer market demands.

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Luminox Navy Seal Watch
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