John Travolta And Breitling Navitimer

If you want your No1 brand to stay at No1 you need to offer quality products, quality service, and a back story confirming your heritage and dedication to your trade, but it never hurts to have the biggest celebrities like John Travolta and Breitling Navitimer doing the rounds.

Travolta-Breitling-NavitimeIn the celebrity world, there are big stars that draw in the crowds and help influence people’s perception of truth and quality. Looking beyond mere influencers, they are those celebrities that actually use products as tools rather than simple product placement.

A perfect example of this is Joun Travolta, who’s not only a massive name in cinema stretching back over the decades from Grease to Paris With Love and beyond, but a genuine pilot flying his personal Boeing 707 until donated to the Historical Aircraft Restoration Society.

Being a certified pilot with over 5,000 flight hours and having owned his own jumbo jet amongst his collection, aviation is clearly in Travolta’s blood, so choosing the Breitling Navitimer amongst other Breitling models, has done for Breitling what no contrived marketing campaign could ever have done.


Travolta’s legacy in cinema is secured after featuring in countless blockbusters and one of the best cult movies ever made, Pulp Fiction. True, that his personal life has been somewhat traumatic at times due personal family tragedy, and questions about his belief in Scientology. These things, however, have always been overshadowed by his drive, ambition, and love of life, making him a perfect reality poster boy for the brand that sits firmly in the aviation space.  



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John Travolta And Breitling Navitimer
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