Japanese Dive Watches Can Easily Compete With The Big Swiss Made Names

Japanese Dive Watches Take On All Comers

If you every needed evidence to prove Japanese dive watches take on all comers, then maybe these three offers will be what you’re looking for? If you’re not in the market for a Rolex, Breitling, or Omega but need a good looking, accurate, not to mention reliable dive watch then maybe these going to check the boxes.

seiko_marine_master_300Seiko Marine Master 300

From Seiko comes this groundbreaking Dive watch built to be their answer to the Rolex Submariner in its capabilities. The Seiko MM300 is a highly capable even when compared to the Rolex, and with its beautify finish, it really looks like it could command a higher price. Clearly, this piece is taking its design cues from Seiko’s long line of vintage dive watches, the 6159, but regardless, the MM300 is a stunning watch that can easily be worn in either a casual or professional situation.



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orient_pro_saturation_diverOrient Pro Saturation Diver

The Orient, much like its sister, the Seiko MM300, is a stainless steel lump that’s well regarded among the watch and diving community who lovingly refer to it as the “OSD”. The Orient Saturation Diver is an overdesigned and overbuilt,  watertight piece with a powerful luminosity for low light situations, and also sports an in-house movement, and a unique power-reserve indicator on the dial.



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citizen_promaster_aqualandCitizen Promaster Aqualand BN2029-01E

Citizen Eco-drive category brings you the Citizen Promaster Aqualand. In general terms, Citizen often sticks with understated designs in a very classical sense, but this one takes a step away from the tried and tested path in favor of this new and brash design representing a sizable step-up in capability and quality from their entry-level pieces.

The 49mm case, 53 mm at the crown is a little ‘in your face’ but the super subtle lugs calm the whole thing down, leaving you with a sense modern sophistication and wearability. To top it all, this piece carries a large analog depth gauge and a fast ascent indicator that releases an audible on a too speedy ascent. Top marks!

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Japanese Dive Watches Can Easily Compete With The Big Swiss Made Names
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