This Holiday Season Give the Gift Of Timex

Black Friday is a distant memory and Cyber Monday has gone for another year, but still, we have a big event to get through. So why not give the gift of a Timex this holiday season? Yes, I know discount watch stores is all about designer and luxury watches at discount prices, but have you given any thought to the Timex?

This is an old player on the market with a spotless reputation and the beauty of this brand is both the new young styles and the fantastic pricing. Seriously, with prices this keen you simply don’t need a discount to keep you happy.

Timex Discounts.

Having said all that you know I can’t let you down at this time of year, and of course, I have a bunch of discounts for you. For a limited period, Timex are running promotions and today`s promotion come to you with the check out  code HOLLY

When you spend $75 you receive 15% off and free ground shipping, so check out the bargains and if you like something just go to check out and enter the code HOLLY when asked to enter your discount code. It`s that simple.


Tomorrow we will be giving you another chance to save 15% on the Timex range so watch out for my next update and follow my links to great savings. I hope this small update has been helpful, and I look forward to updating you tomorrow.

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This Holiday Season Give the Gift Of Timex
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