GarWood Watches Review – Style with Affordability

Garwood designer wood watches from Los Angeles offer style and affordability while maintaining their green credentials for renewable and sustainable production.

What Is GarWood?

The GarWood is a young company that sources quality wood from renewable global sources and handcraft their watches from solid wood. As a lifestyle choice, these designer wood watches are for young go-getting individuals with interests in their surrounding, and the future of their environment. Young professionals who like to make a statement and shake things up, just a little.

GarWood Watches

The current collection consists of 9 models including the limited edition in collaboration with Davante Adams of Green Bay Packer fame. Wood is sourced globally from New York to The Congo to produce unique crafted items every time, showing their unique grain. The dial comes in different colors to give a different look and feel against the different woods, from light American Maple to the dark lush tones of the Indonesian Sandalwood, housing the heat of the piece, the Japanese battery powered Quartz Miyota movement.

My GarWood Watch

My watch is the Great Dane crafted from American Maple wood sourced from New York State. The light wood really allows the red dial to pop, and the hand and markers are easily visible.

The Take Away

The Garwood create some really nice wood watches that embraces the wood material and craft the cases from solid wood. Not like many other wood watch makers who create wood trim watches with wood parts attached to steel cases. Each watch has its unique grain making every watch different, and they are priced well meaning they are super affordable.

How to Buy A Designer Watch

The last thing I want to mention was how to track down your favorite watch. If you’re interested in finding a particular brand or model there are many places to look. The Armani brand, for example, is usually available in high-end department stores, but I would recommend only checking them out at the department store. Try them on, see if you like the brand and model then start shopping around.

You’re going to find that the prices in the department store are pretty steep, so I suggest shopping around online for the best bargain. There are countless places online to investigate, but to make your life a little easier for you, follow the link below to my Discount Watch Stores review page. Here you can get an idea about some of the biggest stores and what they offer, but more importantly, you can get an idea about the quality by going through customer reviews.

If you haven’t already read my personal watch collection reviews on Armani, Boss, Guess, Citizen, and Seiko please visit them using these links.

I hope this helps you, but please let me know what you think.

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GarWood Watches Review – Style with Affordability
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