Learn Waht End Of Life Indicator Is From The Experts

End Of Life Indicator

The End Of Life indicator or (EOL) isn’t as dramatic as you may be thinking, there is no great catastrophe coming to visit you, it’s just your watch battery running down after the years of service it has provided.

But what is it and what can you expect? After 2 or 3 years a battery maybe coming to the end of its useful life and somewhat have a nice way of letting you know. We’re not talking about loosing time of alarm bells ring, it’s much more subtle than that.

A watch with an EOL alert will start to exhibit an interesting tick if you pardon the pun. But it really does use the second hand to warn you of an impending loss of power. Rather that the uniform ticking of the second hand, the arm will remain stationary for 4 seconds then jump 4 seconds ahead. Then again, it will wait 4 seconds and jump once more. 

Once to notice this behavior, it’s time to visit you local watch shop and have your battery changed out.

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