Emmy Wins For Game Of Thrones

Winter has been coming for some time and so too, the plethora of nominations and Emmy Wins for Game of Thrones drama series.

Since 2011 Game of Thrones has been nominated for 106 awards, taking home 38 wins over that period, and this year hasn’t been any less of a success with their 23 nominations bagging another 12 wins.


Amongst their wins this year were the awards for Outstanding Drama Series, and Outstanding Directing For A Drama Series, which anyone familiar with Game of Thrones will appreciate immediately. These two awards were complimented by the equally important Outstanding Casting For A Drama Series and Outstanding Writing For A Drama Series, giving this popular series a balanced thumbs up all round.

Cast members, writers, directors, producers, the gamut of creativity were there to enjoy the fun and luxuriate in their successes.

It seems this team can do no wrong and we’ll all be waiting and wondering to see what happens next year.

carl scutt
carl scutt
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Emmy Wins For Game Of Thrones
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