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eBay is simply enormous offering anything you care to think of. From stores selling new items to and individuals selling second hand or refurbished goods, you find the world on eBay. Payments are safe and refunds are easy, but read the customer reviews and be careful. Allways make sure you choose a supplier with a high positive feedback in the area on 99.9 percent, but if you have to select a supplier with a lower score always read the negative feedback to understand the issues before making a decision.

Customer Reviews

Date:  08/15/18
Name : Tina-Louise L..
Outcome : Positive
5 stars
I am an addict! Great name-brand prices, and nearly fool-proof transactions!
“I’m an avid Ebayer with over a 950 feedback score. I search for EVERYTHING here before going to Amazon or or Etsy. There is great customer service and although I’ve had a couple transactions where a seller tried to dupe me into accepting a fraudulent item, Ebay was very supportive and I received my money back instantly”

Date:  08/0318
Name : Rachel B.
Outcome : Positive
5 stars
Everything you can think of!
“Ebay makes it so easy to find EVERYTHING you are wanting to purchase. I love how you can search different sellers for the best prices !”

Date:  02/22/18
Name : Donna H.
Outcome : Excellent
1 star
“Payment hold ridiculous”
Im done selling on ebay. I am paying with money i really dont have to pay shipping out of pocket because they hold my money until 3 days after person recieves item. I live paycheck to paycheck and this policy makes for late shipping to my buyers and me living without money i need.

Date:  01/22/18
Name : cynthia e.
Outcome : Excellent

“Love. Love. LOVE! e-bay”
I am an e-bay girl! Forget about any other buy sites, I am e-bay only and all-ways!!! I find EVERYTHING I want and need on their site! E-Bay ALL THE WAAAAY!!!
When I buy on e-bay, and I am unhappy, I will take detailed pictures and send it back AT MY EXPENSE right away, and let PayPal know right away with a USPS Tracking number on it.

If I sell something on e-bay BE SURE TO TAKE DETAILED PICTURES OF IT IN EVERY WAY so in CASE you get something back that has been switched out, you can prove with your pictures that what you sent out was NOT what was returned. ALL-WAYS protect yourselves with pictures and proof because the scams out there are rampant and you don’t want a bad experience as e-bay goes with who has more legitimate proof to prove the truth. Don’t be lazy in buying or selling. Take lots of pictures, model numbers, all around, make notes and always have a USPS Tracking number to prove your integrity. Then you will be okay. E-bay cares. You just can’t be careless if you want to be listened to and believed by e-bay. They deal with a lot of claims and scams. Make it easy for them and you WILL win, and always tell the truth.

Date:  6/13/17
Name : JohnN S.
Outcome : Excellent

“Awesome Service”
Read our review of eBay and see how this online auction site can help you make some extra money.Product reviews – a new eBay standard. … Reviews written by eBay buyers have the added benefit of having the seller’s username associated with the review.

Date:  3/05/17
Name : Shabham
Outcome : Not Good

Your site don’t even deserve to get 1 star. Your services are pathetic. I ordered one product which I wanted to cancel it because it was not delivered to me on time. I called a person who’s picked up my call on first time when I told him that I want to cancel my product, right after it he disconnected my call and then again he did so..

Date: 3/04/17
Name: Robert.
Outcome: Not Good

Robert Y.  

Got that right . . . somehow Ebay connected my guest purchase to my Paypal account to charge $27.75 to return something that came in the wrong color. I can’t get the money credited back (even though there is no indication of a charge to be made, nor authorization given for such) because I accidentally indicated ‘buyers remorse’ instead of ‘item received not as described’. After 50 minutes of discussion with 3 different people (none of which speaks clear English) I finally hung up. The seller already credited me back the full amount. Ebay sent me a return label to ship the item across the country to North Carolina to a bogus address that doesn’t exist. The item came back a week later looking like it had traveled around the world via chimpanzees. The seller told me for the trouble to keep the item, or whatever I wanted to do with it, and gave me the full credit. Ebay, on the other hand, is impossible: the first 2 representatives understood and agreed that I should get a credit, but the 3rd (very poor English) only wanted to argue. For the $27.75 at least I wasted a lot of their time. Que sera!

Date:  3/04/17
Name : Victory
Outcome : Good

R Vijayakumar.  

Ebay Paisa Pay ID 44158330793
Dear Ebay customers like me don’t purchase any product from Ebay,You know the story I purchase one 43 inch onida led tv,that was come with brocken condition,when i ask replacement or refund no proper response after some they ask me return shipment seller name DealZown in Ebay,item sent back to Dealzown kanpur with consignment DTDC D30733321,but ebay and Deal Zown told the item not received,and they refused to retun my omney tv value 35080 rupees and return delivery amount 2250 total 37330,they cheat me,so take care and stop purchase product from ebay they are helpless.Definatly these cheaters will be punished severely

Date: 3/04/17
Name: Yapiz.
Outcome: Not Good

Yapizsoto D.  

Our son sold a phone in eBay to a buyer who is not longer registered after the transactions had finished. The phone was delivered to the “buyers address” but the money never came. Now eBay blames PayPal and PayPal blames eBay. So pay attention. Do not let eBay force to send your item until you are 100% sure that you won’t be scammed.

Date: 3/03/17
Name: Leslie.
Outcome: Bad

Leslie K. 

I bought six pairs of shoes on eBay. Two days later than the promised delivery date, UPS left a notice on my door saying that they attempted delivery, but they missed me. When I called UPS to ask if I could sign the notice for them to leave my package at my door, they said that the sender put restrictions on my package. I must be present to sign with a valid government issued ID showing that I am 21 years or older in order to receive the package. I asked if they could drop the package off at a UPS store that is close to my house so I could pick it up. They said that the sender placed restrictions that only allows 3 attempts of delivery or I could pick up the package at the UPS store that is located 28 miles away from my house & I must present a government issued ID to pick it up! UPS only attempted deliveries during my work hours & they would not give me an estimated time window for delivery. These restrictions were COMPLETELY UNREASONABLE. The package contains shoes! This is not a top secret government file! The seller would not lift the restrictions so I filed a Buyers Protection claim for a refund because I could not receive the package because of all the restrictions that the seller put in place & eBay sided with the seller! The seller did not require an ID to receive my money, they took my money with ease…but they made it VERY DIFFICULT for me to receive my package. eBay’s BUYER Protection is a joke! I’m closing my account. Shop eBay at your own risk, you have no protection. Buyers Beware!

Date: 3/03/17
Name: Katrina.
Outcome: Excellent

Katrina C.  5 stars

I have been a happy eBay user for nearly 20 years. I mostly buy and have found eBay to have the best buyer protection of any site or app out there. I have had mostly wonderful transactions with top-notch sellers, and the few problems were easy to resolve and I was able to warn other buyers through the feedback system (unlike places like Poshmark, Mercari and Vinted that don’t let you rate for transactions cancelled by the seller). I look forward to another 20 years of shopping this terrific site.

Date: 3/02/17
Name: Almina.
Outcome: Not Good

Almina K.  

High fees, horrible accounting if selling: adding up with PayPal fees it gets over 16%. Their call centers are another mystery: can’t understand and backing up with another mystery “eBay policies”. Selling or Buying experience is a waste of a time and moneys.

Date: 3/02/17
Name: Gomez Peter.
Outcome: Good

AT P.  

The quality of service when buying your product is very dependent on who you buy from, so make sure to look at the seller’s review history. As long as you pay through paypal, your purchases are usually safe. I have been using ebay for some years now and will probably keep doing so for the remaining future. Customer service from ebay itself is typically quite helpful and resolves the issue, at least in my experience.

Date: 3/01/17
Name: Vidya.
Outcome: Excellent

Vidya S. 5 stars

It is a marketplace where you find all kinds of stuff at a very reasonable price for rated sellers ask them questions if you are in doubt a.when it is used item watch which category you are buying in instead of buying used items it will be worth to buy new one for just a couple of dollars more in sale a.Most of the items that I purchase would be crafts, old sizzix dies, soaps etc.

Date: 3/01/17
Name: Chetan.
Outcome: Not Good

chetan v.  

Ebay has suspended my account for absolutely no reason. I have always shipped the items on time and I dont have a single negative feedback from any of the buyers. I called eBay multiple times to find out the reason why they suspended my account from selling and appealed a few times but they never gave the reason. I am truly disappointed with the way eBay has treated me


My overall rating: Be Very Careful

3 stars

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