Discount Watch Stores Content Swap Program

Great news, DiscountWatchStores are accepting guest posts for anyone interested in joining the Discount Watch Stores‘ content swap program.

Come Write For Us…..


But Wait, Why Would You Want To Help!?

Well, helping DiscountWatchStores is a great way to give to the community and get some recognition for yourself at the same time. And don’t forget this s a swap program, with every approved post of yours, comes a reciprocal high quality, and unique post from DWS, so everyone’s happy.

Although DWS is very new, we are receiving close to 3000 unique visitors a month and growing. This gives you a real opportunity to reach out and connect with a growing readership with interests in horology, fashion, and lifestyle.

Want To Submit? Here’s How:

Rules. As with most things in life , there are some rules you need to follow in order to get approval for your posts.

*No Content Farms Need Apply.
*No Generic Material.
*No List Posts Ideas.
*All Posts Must Be Helpful And Offer Value.
*No More Than 3 Images Per Post (include image source)
<img class=”aligncenter wp-image-2221 size-medium” src=”×253.png” alt=”content-swap” width=”300″ height=”253″ />

*You may Have Up To Two Backlinks
*Should be between 600 and 800 words.
*Keywords: If possible include keywords, discount watches, discount watch stores, luxury watches



Visit our submission page:

1. Add your Name
2. Add your Email
3. Add your Post Title
4. Add your copy into the text box
5. Add image source with your copy
6. Add Topic idea and Summary.
7. Add the Title of your suggested reciprocal post.
8. Submit

You can submit the article/post from your “Text” tab of your WordPress editor or from your “Visual” tab.

Your posts will be published within 48 hours of approval when you will be informed via email.

If you have any questions please leave me requests in the comment area below and we’ll get back to you asap.

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Discount Watch Stores Content Swap Program
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