Details About Jomashop Selling To Jomashop

Maybe you have never thought about this or perhaps you never know about this but either way, you need to know some details about selling to Jomashop. That’s right, it works both ways for Jomashop, not only can you pick up a great bargain, you can also trade in or sell you old unwanted, or should I say “pre-loved” watch to them, and ll you need to do is complete a small form.

sell itHow Do I Do It?

It couldn’t be easier to propose a Trade-In or just sell your old watch on, although it’s going to be at wholesale price as you can imagine. All you need to do is visit their website and go to the customer service contact page, where you will complete a basic for with your Name, Email, and Comment, but the important thing is to select the correct option in the drop-down box under the “My Question is About:” right at the top of this form.

Depending what you’re interested in, you select either and request more information about your options:

A.Trade-In Offer
B.Sell To Jomashop Wholesale

Alternatively, if you have already made up your mind about trading in your old watch you can go directly to the trade in section here. You will be asked to add as much detail as possible, once you have completed the form and submitted, you should receive an estimate within 1-2 business days.

Then, provided you’re shipping within the USA they will send you a pre-paid shipping label to assist you with your trade-in, followed by an authentication before you are contacted with an offer on the trade-in credit value. On acceptance, Jomashop will process the transaction and apply the balance towards your new order.

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Details About Jomashop Selling To Jomashop
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