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This morning I woke and the sky was somewhat gray but that didn’t disturb me and I went about brewing a coffee in preparation for writing a small piece about Princeton Watches, but nothing had prepared me for what I was going to find. My initial approach was a simple run through of the brands available at Princeton because one can never keep up to date if one is not on top of things. By the way, the selection of brands is as good as ever and I was particularly drawn to the ArmourLite brand this morning. If you get time check out the ArmourLite Details About Princeton Watches

By the way, the selection of brands is as good as ever and I was particularly drawn to the ArmourLite so you should check them out when you get 5 minutes. Anyway, I digress.

What I wanted to share was this discontinued notice for the Casio Edifice 500DB. How can this be possible? This has to be one of my favorite Casio designs and specifically in blue, it’s a stunner. Honestly, I can’t believe this has been discontinued, I wonder if it’s one of the cynical plans to create demand? I hope not.


If it’s finished then how am I going to get my hands on one? I was really looking to buy one and now I know I should have just bought one months ago, but of course, there’s always something else to spend money, right? Anyway, I have written to Princeton asking what is happening, will this model return or is it really dead, but I don’t hold out much hope.

Do any of my readers know what happened here? I’d love to know the back story of why Casio would discontinue such a loved model. What a sad day. The dark skies were just the beginning.


Princeton Watches got back to me with 24 hours and told me how to run a search on their site to find the Edifice model I love, so, thanks very much for your quick and polite reply Princeton.

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Details About Princeton Watches
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