Details About Jomashop Watches

It’s been a long time since I really took a good look at the brands the Jomashop carries and I thought I’d take a meander through the big names that grace the pages of one of the best online discount watch stores around.


Jumping onto the Jomashop website this morning my mind focused, or more accurately lost focus, as it struggled to make sense of the almost insurmountable task of deciding which brand to investigate. Those of you following my blog already know I’ve got a soft spot for Breitling and Omega, which are both on the Jomashop listings and always a great way to pass an hour or two in wishful thinking. Today was slightly different as my eyes found their focus on IWC, which are, of course, lovely pieces but not what I usually focus on.

Amazingly, I found the perfect example of a Dress watch in the form of a Portofino Automatic with silver dial, that I would have loved use in one of my previous posts describing a Dress Watch, but that as they say is another story.

This got me thinking, have you ever considered the huge amount of stock any of these online stores need to store in readiness for taking an order and shipping out on time? It strikes me that it’s a massive operation just to get a watch order and shipped. Seriously, they have A. Lange & Sohne, Breguet, Cartier, Daniel Wellington, Ebel, Fortis, Graham, Longines, Omega Vacheron Constantin and everything in between. This put me in mind of some of the customer feedback because although most of the feedback is good and that includes the products and the customer services, there are some customers who become upset and in some cases incensed by a slow delivery.

What’s this got to do with the brands available? Well, indirectly, it looks like it’s the huge amount of brands and products available that seem to be both the source of their success, and their occasional failure. Maybe I can’t prove it but I have a strong feeling the size of Jomashop is the main reason for receiving some complaints about slow delivery times, and sometimes difficulty contacting customer services. Perhaps Jomashop should start thinking of increasing their staffing at busy times or offer a more limited selection? Just a thought… 

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Details About Jomashop Watches
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