Christopher Ward Review And Real Customer Feedback On Quality And Service

Christopher Ward Review

approvedChristopher Ward is a very different online watch store and I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised to know at CW they design and build their own watches, case, straps, and movements. That’s right, although they’re in the same space as the other online discount watch stores, CW differ wildly because they are not working in the gray market. Christopher Ward was born when Mike France, Chris Ward and Peter Ellis decided to start a watch company that reflected their shared love of horology.

From the beginning, this project was always about producing quality watches at affordable prices to allow wider ownership of top quality timepieces. Only carrying out business online allows CW to pass on the savings to the customer.

If you think about this process you can see how it’s a win-win situation, but that’s not all. Astonishingly, CW can create a custom build for you that will only add the additional £60 on the price. Can you imagine that? Hard to believe but true.

Q & A With Christopher Ward

Coming soon: A One on One interview between Christopher Ward and DWS.
Know who you are dealing with and feel safe shopping online.

Christopher Ward C60 Trident Video Courtesy of

Personal Experience

I have written to ALL my online stores asking for advice in very broad terms in the hope they can pass my small test with flying colors. You will see below my request for advice buying a watch within my price range with just a few features while letting them know I knew very little about watches.

Happily, they responded within one day offering me their recommendation. Not only that, but they offered me a full description of the watch they believed fitted my requirements that were too large for this age, so I have added a link to the full reply.

My Request

ChrisWard Request



CW Response



This reply is by far the best reply I have received as it covered all the point I was asking about and it was answered in depth, so I can heartily recommend the CW customer service. Follow this link to view the full email reply.

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Christopher Ward may be a small outfit but they have an enviable collection and a number of styles to choose from. At Christopher Ward, they even have a ‘smaller wrist’ section that translates to great watches for ladies. Other areas of interest are New Releases, Dive watches, Aviation watches, Motorsport Watches, and Dress watches.

Use these links to short cut your way to your preferred area. New Releases Dive WatchesAviation WatchesMotorsport WatchesDress WatchesThinner Wrists

Customer Reviews.

Date: June 5, 2017
Name: Marcus Sim
Outcome: Positive
5 stars
“Great Watch and Great Company”
I bought a C60 from Christopher Ward and it’s been the best watch purchase I have made. The care I received from the team at Christopher Ward was second to none. They helped me through the process and made sure I picked the right strap. I hope to buy another watch from them soon.

Date: April 15, 2016
Name: Charles Shilling
Outcome: Positive
5 stars
“Good service, great watching”
I bought a C60 Trident Pro 600 Vintage – 38mm about a month ago, it’s proving to be accurate (+10/15 seconds a week) and is very solid/well made. When ordering I spoke to them regarding strap adjustment and received the watch 48 hours later

Date: April 2, 2016
Name: Rutolander
5 stars
“Best Quality For Your Money”
I have two Christopher Ward watches and both are very good quality.
My C60 TRIDENT PRO 600 – 43MM in particular is keeping very good time les than -1 sec per day on average it gains it back on crown over night.
I have never had any problems with them but with a 6 year G/T I am not to worried.

Date:March 3, 2016
5 stars
“Excellent quality watch”
I bought a C3 Malvern Chrinograph Mk2 about 6 months ago when on offer and am very pleased with the watch. The quality is excellent, I could easily see a simiallar Quartz watch from a brand like Tag Huer costing three to four times as much. I love the fact the watch is of English design and they’re a UK company though of course a quality timepiece should be Swiss made! Now considering a mechanical watch from them, probably a Trident.

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Date:February 17, 2016
Outcome:Not Good
1 star
“Watch Reliability Issue”
Bought my C7 Mk2 in December 2012 and has now been back a 3rd time for repair!
Astonishing unreliability matched only by a refusal to replace the watch despite a verbal agreement to do so followed by order processing paperwork that appeared to confirm the replacement.
Not a happy bunny

Date: December 12, 2015
Name:Mark Davison
Outcome:Not Good
2 stars
“Poor service”
Ordered watch with one of the frequent discounts offered. Phoned after a few days as no delivery confirmation. Attitude was poor – “we’re busy due to demand from promotion so tough” Delivery estimated to be one & a half weeks after order ! Said I could cancel order ? No apology. So I did cancel order ! Contacted Chris Ward but was a waste of time.

Visit the Christopher Ward Online Store

Date: June 18, 2014
Name: Dave Berry
4 stars
“Good watches let down on occasions by Customer Services.”
I can understand why people talk about Christopher Ward watches. However I have received mixed support from Customer Services. They have lost one order, and on two occasions failed to respond at all to my emails. This resulted in the wrong strap being fitted to two watches – the only option offered was to buy a £100 and £165 replacement strap respectively. I also missed the purchase of a watch as stock ran out before Customer Services responded – very annoying. I accept they are very polite, they also accepted the return of a watch under 60/60 without question. I have modified this review as my last two contacts have been very positive.

Visit the Christopher Ward Online Store

Date: June 16, 2014
Name: Morten F

5 stars

“Super products and service.”

I was looking for an affordable mechanical watch, and I soon fell in love with the ‘C8 Pilot MkII – Vintage Edition’ from Christopher Ward. After reading several possitive reviews online, I decided to go ahead and buy one … and I was NOT disappointed! The watch is of superb quality and design and I am looking forward to wearing it every day (although I will be changing the strap – but that’s just a personal preference). The pictures on the website do not do it justice, and I can only assume that the same is the case with their other products as well.

Their customer service is quick to reply, and the shipping is fast as well – at least to Denmark where I live. I can easily see myself buy another watch from CW in the future.

Date: June 19, 2012
Name: Alan Helm

5 stars

“One of the best purchases I have ever made.”

I would not go near a luxury brand now.

I bought a C5 Aviator Automatic and it just oozes quality.

My overall rating: Good4 stars



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Customer references courtesy of Trust Pilot

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Christopher Ward Review And Real Customer Feedback On Quality And Service
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