Christopher Ward C60 Trident The Perfect Dive Watch

Christopher Ward is a relatively new name in the luxury watch market and the second British mark that has peaked my interest alongside Bremont, but is the Christopher Ward C60 Trident the perfect dive watch? This newcomer isn’t strictly a discount shop but an online luxury watchmaker cutting the cost of a bricks and mortar establishment to be the purveyor of fine watches to the widest customer base possible.


What’s Under The Hood?

The name Trident immediately stands out with a couple of connotations attached to it, from the Devil`s three-pronged pitchfork to the nuclear missiles introduces by the US Navy in 1972. Now it is the Monica of the masculine Dive watch from this small British concern, bringing you precision engineered products in the true British tradition of a small but passionate company. From Caterham to Lotus to Christopher Ward, the Brits are always doing it small but making their mark.

The C60 Trident Chronograph Pro 600 is a large 43mm marine grade stainless steel case with ceramic unidirectional bezel and a nice self-winding ETA Valjoux 7750 movement, a joint venture Swiss movement with an English heart. A regulator small seconds dial and 9 o’clock, and a surprising feature for a dive watch in this price point is the inclusion of the helium release valve, that you will usually find on more expensive Divers, allowing the 600-meter rating.

When you’re down 600 meters, which to be fair, is unlikely, you’ll be in low light so the Superluminova on the hands making the tulip hour hand and sword minute hand bright, bold and easy to read. Chose between rubber or stainless steel bracelet.

The Aesthetics

The C60, in general, is a really nice piece aesthetically. The Chrono has very clear or baroque hands centered in an engraved or as we say in horology, a guilloche face, and a subtle Christopher Ward logo beside the 3 o’clock marker.

When seen alongside the tulip hour hand and sword minute hand with bright lume you could be forgiven for seeing mix messages in the style cues, but you would be mistaken in my view. This is a really nice way to incorporate its secondary features or complication from the main feature, so really, it’s a nice way to compartmentalize this piece making it easier to read. That’s just my opinion, you may disagree?

The Takeaway

For a sub $2000 watch you’re are getting a piece on a par Omega Seamaster Chrono which is already one of my favorites that I’ve spoken about previously.  With this package, you’re getting the best of both worlds. A solid, reliable,  British designed and built timepiece with a Swiss movement and a price tag that means you can afford to wear this every day for years to come.

At approximately £1500 or $1800, there are cheaper Chronos out there and with better-known brand names, but that’s, not the point. No, the point is, buying a Christopher Ward is a bold statement about thinking outside the box, not being restricted or told which brand to wear. A  Christopher Ward sets the wearer apart from the crowd, just as the driver of a Lotus or Caterham car is set apart from a Ferrari owner.

Final Word.

Less is more.

To check out the full collection of Christopher Ward watches visit their site and see what all the fuss is about, and for more information about where to look for your favorite watch brand why not read my watch store reviews to get a better idea where to look?

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Christopher Ward C60 Trident The Perfect Dive Watch
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