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Casio Edifice Solar Watch Review

Welcome to another Casio Edifice Solar Watch Review. I know I’ve spoken to you about this before but this watch is just so cool it needs to be revisited. When I sat down to write the piece I was all set for making a grand run through of all the edifice models so I could make everything clear and easy. While it was a noble gesture on my part I decided that could wait for another day. Why? Well, because the Edifice family is so large and varied it gave me a headache just thinking about it.

Casio Edifice Blue Solar Tough

All’s not lost though because I decided to concentrate on the Casio Edifice Blue Solar Tough. For those of you who are familiar with this, it’s the flagship blue tooth connected watch from Casio that comes in three flavors 1.eqb-500db-2aer, 2.eqb-500b-2aer, and 3.eqb-510d-1aer. Yeah I know, really sexy right?


Edifice Solar Tough Flavors

My research didn’t come up with much in the way of differences, but this is quite a common issue with the Casio family. Casio like to release new models on a regular basis and it’s difficult to know what’s what. The models are generally quite complicated so keeping up to speed with all the models can become a full-time career choice. No matter, I’m focusing on the three Edifice Tough Solars and I can pretty much tell you the differences are in the available features.

At this point, it would be good to compare the feature of each model but nobody has time for this right? So, I’ll give you the full list of the flagship Edifice EQB-500DB-2AER features:

Alarm Function:
Daily Alarm Sound: Sounds each day at the time you set.
Dual Time:
Simultaneous display of current time in two different time zones. Home City Time swapping.
Mineral Glass:
Hard glass resists scratching.
Display illumination:
A luminous coating provides long-term illumination in dark after only a short exposure to light.
Power Saving:
After the alert: The following operations are stopped to save power: All hand movement (excluding the day indicator) Bluetooth connection and alarms.
Solar Power:
Tough Solar. A high-capacity solar charging system harnesses the power of any light source for reliable watch operation with minimal impact to the environment.
Stop Watch:
1/1sec. Measure capacity: 23:59’59.95. Other: Speed(0 to 300 units/hour)
Water Resistant:
100metre/10bar. 10bar water resistant means that the watch is also suitable for swimming or snorkeling.
World Time:
Displays the current time in major cities and specific areas around the world. Casio Watch+world time lets you select from among 300 cities as the world time city.
Battery Life:
7 months on rechargeable battery(operation period with normal use without exposure to light after charge). 33 months on rechargeable battery(operation period when stored in total darkness with the power save function on after full charge.
Low Battery Alert:
Power saving function. Alert: Leaving the watch in the dark location for about one hour between the hours of 10pm and 6am will cause the second hard to stop.
Phone Finder:
The phone will emit a tone when a watch button is pressed.
Date and Weekday Display:
Date and Day of the Week Indicator
Solid stainless steel
Blue Tooth:
Mobile link(Wireless linking using Bluetooth*SMART). Bluetooth4.0 connection. The watch can be wirelessly connected to a compatible smartphone via Bluetooth. The energy -saving technology enables access to a host of functions.
Airplane Mode:
Radio wave signals can be disabled when flying or in a medical facility.
Mobile Link:
Requires download of the CASIO WATCH+App-use watch to check email, transfer stopwatch data from a phone. Use the phone to adjust hand positions and set alarms on the watch. Use your wristwatch to check for new e-mail.Requires registration of mail account with the app)
Case/Bezel Material:
Stainless Steel

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The Heart Of The Edifice.

Okay, so we have the cold hard facts about the features, which is nice, but this watch is equal to more than the sum of its parts. It’s been more than 40 years that Casio has been producing its well respected Edifice family in their traditional brand style of bold, exciting, and masculine. Over these years Casio has produced watches with a focus on functionality and keen pricing more than style and innovation, but those goal posts have moved somewhat with the EQB-500D.

With all it’s functions, which there are plenty, this timepiece is a masterpiece of the marriage of design and function. In this superbly styled 48mm casing lies a plethora of technological goodies. The Solar Tough movement is powered by Sun or ambient light sources, it has a full auto-calendar, alarms, email notifications, and Bluetooth connectivity to connect to your SmartPhone.

Once you’re connected, you’re probably going to wonder how you survived without it. Although you can live without all these conveniences now, you’ll only know you miss them once you have them.

So What’s The Big Deal?

Download your App for Android or iOS and install, sorry no Windows App yet. The first connection to your Edifice should take 15 seconds or so, as it transfers data and instructions. Then you’ll see the magic unfold before your eyes as the timekeeper’s hour and minute hands begin rotating to their new position. The process isn’t super quick so manual setting would be faster, but that doesn’t matter because this is cool!

Now your Edifice can download any data it needs automatically to display time in your current time zone and it even knows if you’re using daylight savings. The time zones can be chosen by you from the 309 available Cities or set to receive time zones automatically.

The watch design is totally cool with its 52mm lug to lug measurements, it’s a beast of a watch that really lets you know you’re wearing some hardware on the wrist.

Edifice Solar Tough Dial Features.

It’s a real recognizable brand and looks great in any social, casual, outdoor, or travel situation. With water resistance to 100 meters you can swim and snorkel also. Check out the “UNIT/H” between 3 and 6 O’Clock that gives you a reading of your speed. Yeah, I know it’s not necessary but it’s a nice touch.

Also, on the busy dial which you can see detailed here are the Alarm On/Off feature, Days of the Week, Email notification, Bluetooth Connection/Standby,Airplane Mode, 24 Hours, and Battery Indicator.

Another great function activated by the button at 4 O’Clock is the ‘Find Phone’ function. When you press that button it signals your phone to sound its alarm. What a wonderful feature, the only way this could be bettered is be adding a function on the phone to locate your watch. While we’re on the subject a ‘Find Car Keys’ function would be pretty cool too but we can’t have everything.


Automatic Time Correction is just one button push away.


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Edifice Solar Tough Specifications

Casio Edifice EQB-500D-1A Bluetooth Watch specification
Price: $520 (MSRP)
Movement: Quartz, Tough Solar, Made in Japan
Power reserve: 33 months (fully charged, Power Saving mode engaged)
Functions: Hours, minutes, seconds, date, chronograph, tachymeter, stopwatch, dual time (GMT), Mobile Link Functions (world time:309 cities etc.), daily alarm, EOL, airplane mode
Case material: Stainless steel / Black Steel
Bezel material: Matches case
Crown material: Matches case
Case shape: Round
Bezel shape: Round
Case size: 52.00 mm x 48.10 mm
Case height: 14.10 mm
Lug width: No data
Dial: Black
Numerals: None
Hour markers: Applied, additional luminous rectangles
Hands: Luminous
Water Resistance: 100 meters
Strap: Stainless steel bracelet
Crystal: Mineral. Scratch Resistant
Case back: Solid

*Lots of cool features
*Great looks
*Fantastic value for money

*This is a beast. If you’re an average size fella, this is gonna take a lot of wrist real estate.
*New releases every year make if difficult to know what one model has over the other one.
*Complicated to use all features, unlike Swiss watches which are less complex and easier to understand and use.
*No App for Windows Phones

Download the pdf casio-edifice-manual.

Final Thoughts And Recommendations.

Watch enthusiasts should love this timepiece for all the usual reasons. It looks great and we know it’s from good stock with reliability and precision parts and function. But it’s the additional functions that really set it apart from the rest. The Bluetooth connection with the ability to display duel time zones and automatically reset to new time zones rocks. The solar power and the long-life battery gives it a 23 months storage life so it’s always ready to wear.

I think with all the features and the beautiful design, it must be one of the best luxury items a man can buy and never regret the decision. What’s there to regret?

The watch has everything you could ask for and I don’t understand how this price point can be met. I mean, how can we have all this for $500 or less?

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If you ask me if I’d recommend this watch, let me put it this way. I’m going to buy one for myself, so hell yeah!

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About carl scutt

Carl's the founder and editor of His background's in Technology and Internet Marketing. He currently lives in southern Spain. Learn more about him here, and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, Google+.

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