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Buying Luxury Watches At Discount Watch Stores

You’re probably reading this because you’re interested in buying luxury watches from discount watch stores, but that’s only the first step in a long process that demands some serious consideration along the way.


It’s all well and good running a search through your favorite search engine for your favorite watch and buying the first thing you find, but what if I told you there’s more to it and if you stay with me, I can take you through the whole process so you come out the other end having a stress-free experience and a smile on your face?

What Is DiscountWatchStores?

Let’s start by looking at taking the first step, from there we can drill down to brands, models, watch stores, and prices. When you’ve finished with this piece you should read the Watch Buyers Guide and the Discount Watch Store Reviews, and also how to start your luxury watch collection, but right now let’s talk about what you want.

Discount Watch Stores aren’t purely about discount watch stores, it’s much more than that. The fundamental reason for this site is looking for affordable luxury watches whether that’s a Swiss Made, Japanese made, or a fashion branded watch. Then add to that list, some brands that aren’t discounted or fashion but independent watchmakers, who can offer genuine luxury watches at low prices due to their business model of being a solely online.

You see, there’s a lot to think about but that’s why I’m here, so buckle up and let’s get the show on the road.

How Do I Use This?


The best way to use this site is moving from the homepage to the Watch Buyers Guide that takes you through the maze of figuring out exactly what you what from your watch, helping you decide if you want an Aviation Watch, Vintage Watch, Diver Watch, or Dress Watch for example. The guide takes you through different scenarios like where you’ll wear the piece, what’s its main function, and what kind of budget you’re thinking of and more.

You’ll also want to figure out if you’re determined to own a Swiss Made Watch or happy with a non-Swiss luxury piece, because it may not be a simple question to answer, but of course, no cheap watch brands.

When you’re finished with the Buyers Guide you can start reading the Discount Watch Stores Comparisons that takes you through a review process using real customer reviews to determine the quality of the goods and services of the stores being compared.

Depending on how you want to proceed, with Swiss Made, Japanese, Fashion, or something else,  you’ll also find reviews on watchmakers that aren’t technically discount stores but still offer low prices for genuine luxury watches, as an online purchase.


Thanks for asking, Gee Whiz! thought I was offering a ton of useful content, but ok. The site’s constantly updated with blog posts of interesting things about discount luxury watches and sometimes special offers, so you should SIGN UP for our newsletter and get posts and offers sent directly to your inbox.

Posts give news and views from around the world about the luxury watch market, offering diverse subjects from the Grey Market and how the Luxury Market is fighting back against a digital age, to famous people and their watches like Daniel Craigs’ Bond sporting his Omega Seamaster, to celebrity Chef Gordon Ramsey with his Breitling Avenger.

Not only that but DWS, that’s DiscountWatchStores, will be sending you reviews on great timepieces from tried and tested pieces celebrating a birthday, to shiny new models coming on the market offering great new features, and of course the obligatory ‘Best of Lists’ like, best automatics under $500, best watches under $200, or the top 6 affordable luxury watches, you know, the lists go on and on.

Also, if you want to check out the hot items from a mixture of discounted sources you can use the HOT DEALS link on the top menu. All this is in place to empower you and ensure you come out the other side as a hapy shopper.


The Take Away

Regardless of what you know, what you want, what you believe, when you’re looking to buy a luxury watch online you need to be careful and know who you are dealing with. If you were spending $20 on a watch then you don’t need to consider if the piece will fail after a few weeks, or whether you are getting the best customer services with knowledgeable and helpful staff. This all changes when you decide to spend a substantial amount of your hard earned money.

The thing is, you know you can trust Timex the brand, you won’t worry buying online from Seiko, Citizen, Tissot, or Omega would you? But if you are buying a discounted watch with a famous brand name, you really need to trust the retailer offering you the deal. This is where DWS steps in, to offer sound advice for shopping online together with reviews and approvals of online stores that have proved themselves to be honest, hardworking and above all, trustworthy. That means you know where to buy watches online safely.

So, if you’re looking for the perfect Watch at the perfect price, from a trusted source, you know it can be a stressful experience, with the right help and advice, you too can find your dream timepiece. As I’m considered an expert in my field and I write for other publications like Wrist Review I know you’ll benefit from my experience and avoid the pitfalls.


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