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Welcome to the second installment of Branded Watches For Men On Sale. Today I want to talk to you about Princeton Watches. If you’re anything like me, which I think you are, you’ve been looking for the best place to buy branded watches at discounted or near wholesale prices. There’s good news because this is not an unreachable dream but a real possibility because they’re a numerous discount watch stores to choose from. Over these past months, I’ve been putting together a list of potential discount watch stores to use in your search.

I’ll begin with listing in alphabetical order brands of luxury and fashion watches in Princeton Watches listings, and suggest a couple of interesting options for both Luxury Watches and Fashion Branded Watches. The list is extensive from ArmourLite, Bulova, Citizen, Festina,Movado, Seiko, Victorinox Swiss Army. To see the full listing of brands please follow the FULL LISTINGS link here.

Best Site For Watches

If you’re not looking for a particular brand but more interested in the price range then check this list based on the price range.
Price Range $100 to $40000 with Discounts
Price Range $350 $4000 No Discounts but clearance area
Price Range $30 to $68000 with Discounts
Price Range $30 to $10000 with Discounts
Price Range $100 to $50000 with Discounts
Price Range $100 to $50000 with Discounts
Price Range $150 to $3000 with Discounts
Price Range $50 to 50000 with Discounts
Price Range $100 to $10000 with Discounts
Price Range $100 to $10000 with Discounts

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Cheap Luxury Watches For Men

For the man with a certain interest in deluxe watches, you should consider some brand names. Depending upon your design preference you will want to check out a huge list of Luxury watches before you locate the one for you. Unless you already have a favorite?

My favorite brand name and model is the Breitling Superocean. However, I’ve always claimed discount watch stores is about real watches for actual people, not super costly out of this world, impossible purchases. Having said that, I might throw in a wild card on occasion, like a Rolex,  Breitling, or Patek Philippe, just to wax lyrical regarding their precision and elegance.

Right, let’s look some well-known brand names. My strategy is to toss a few High-End brand names and also prices into the mix just to provide you some concepts to get the ball rolling. To remain within my own standards I’m going to try and maintain the prices under $5,000 which I think is enough for any person.

Let me give you some examples that I am taking from, and gradually go through other online stores as I progress.


Founded in New York 1875 Bulova is a manufacturer of watches and clocks. Located in New York City, Bulova’s Swiss-Made line is known as Bulova Accu•Swiss. Price range is between $60 to $647 and well worth a visit.,

Chase Durer

Chase-Durer is known for their chronographs, Military watches, Pilot watches, Racing watches, and Diving watches. Their design is fresh and youthful, offering quality and affordability for this high-end timepiece between $649 to $5000.


Mondaine, is a Swiss watch design icon recognized worldwide and the official Swiss railways Watch, Based on the original 1940s design by Hans Hilfiker that took its design queues from Swiss train station clocks. It wasn’t until 1986 that Mondaine developed its first wristwatch version which can now be your for between $149 to $696.


Skagen founded in the US in 1987 by two natives of Denmark. Their dream to create beautiful designs, of high-quality but at reasonable prices. The plan worked and today there is a global community of Skagen enthusiasts who appreciate the excellence and quality of Skagen watches for the amazing prices between $99 to $245.


Wenger Watch S.A. arrived 1997 in Bienne, Switzerland. The collection is broad from casual everyday watches to sports watches ranging between $99 to $299, so very affordable. Recently the family-owned Swiss company Victorinox took over the Wenger with is now managed it as a standalone subsidiary.

Branded Watches For Men On Sale

Fashion Branded Watches at affordable prices are easier to come by, so let’s take a look.

Kenneth Cole

Founded in New York in 1982, Kenneth Cole is a young company doesn’t have the history the luxury market holds so dear, It does have a massive footprint and can be found around the world in Mexico, Canada, Venezuela, Colombia, Israel, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, Philippines, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore, Australia and South Africa.
With prices as low as $79 to $155, it’s a perfect brand to investigate if you’re looking for one season only accessory.


Oakley is the leading sports fashion retailer making products for athletes and active individuals in mind. With a watch collection priced $165 and $975, there is almost definitely a model for everyone’s pocket.


Rawlings are an interesting turn of events, being crafted from maple wood. Created with the same exacting care and attention used to create baseball bats, sports menthey are the official MLB baseball timekeepers making them unique timepieces for collectors and baseball fans alike, at the amazing price of $99.


Masportsmenand women enjoy the Reactor Watch collection. The combination of quality and style meets Reactor’s mission statement to make the “Best sports watch, period.” Bold and unconventional styling make the Reactor a winner and the timepiece of choice for sports enthusiasts. With a price range between $239 to $1500 you know you’re getting a quality piece.

Tommy Bahama

The story goes Tommy Bahama is a modern action man, women want to be with him and men want to be him. Forget James Bond and his Omega, Tommy Bahama is the intrepid traveler and adventurer. Not only can he speak multiple languages, we can land a 200lb ‘yellow fin’ using only a coconut shell, broken sunnies, and elastic from his swimwear. I’m not saying if you buy one of his watches from between $79 to $474 you’re going to become and action hero, but I’m not saying you won’t either.

Vintage & Pre-Owned

For those with a decerning taste and a few dollars to invest, you could do worse than take a look at this bonus area of Pre-owned and Vintage watches. The great thing about the vintage watch is the history, the price, and the knowledge that it has been checked and certified genuine and in good working order. Don’t think that it’s an old piece to sell off, no, it comes with the original manufacturer warranty or the Princeton warranty. Prices here vary between $495 to $4500, so it’s not a small purchase, it’s like buying a new watch with a history.

Prices and models may vary depending on the availability online at the time of viewing.

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carl scutt
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About carl scutt

Carl's the founder and editor of His background's in Technology and Internet Marketing. He currently lives in southern Spain. Learn more about him here, and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, Google+.

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