Best Selling Music Artist Usher Loves Breitling For Bentley

The best selling music artist Usher loves Breitling For Bentley because he understands the passion of these brands that share the same ideals of prestige and performance. As a singer, songwriter, dancer, and actor known for his 8 top selling albums and films ranging from The Faculty (1998) to the Last of the Showmen (2018), Usher knows all about performance and he likes that to reflect in his choice of timepieces.


The two brands joined to create Breitling for Bentley to produce an exclusive collection of high-end timepieces representing their passion for complex technical achievement common to the Swiss watchmaker and prestigious British car manufacturer. The Bentley design cues on Breitling Watches are plain to see on the faces of timepieces, the shape of the bezel styling of the dials and sometimes the direct dedication to Bentley’s models on the Watch.


As you would expect all these Watches have a top quality automatic movements and most with chronograph appropriate for racing or plain driving.

Different models do come with some differing features as they are many options to customize, but features include rotating pinion bezels, circular slide rules or inner bezels, and most come with date displays. Only a small number, however, come with perpetual calendars or moon phase complications.

Another design cue and nod to the Bentley motorcar is the large size of the collection which rarely under 50 mm. The majority of Breitling For Bentley are presented in stainless steel cases although certain models are presently in gold.


Maybe not everyone’s cup of tea with its ostentatious styling, but nobody who likes to stand out in a crowd, like Usher and his fellow performers and artists would have a problem with that. This is a real extroverts timepiece that shouts at the top of its voice “Notice ME!!!”

I like it, it’s a good choice for Usher, not so good for me :o)


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Best Selling Music Artist Usher Loves Breitling For Bentley
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