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Best Orient Dress Watch Review

I decided I never talk about this overlooked brand enough, so here’s a really quick look at what I think is the best Orient dress watch review. There is a lot written about Dress Watches and it’s all mainly contradictory because everyone has a different idea about what makes the perfect Dress watch.

I think for this post I will have to give you my definition of what makes a good Dress watch and you can either accept it or tell me I’m completely wrong.

What Makes A Dress Watch

A Dress watch is a strange beast, while it’s meant to say something about the wearer and be there to get noticed, it ‘s also there to blend in and never be too conspicuous. So, it’s all about the art of being subtle and slightly in your face at the same time..a tall order no doubt.

What Should A Dress Watch Have?

The case should be thin to fit neatly under the cuff of a well-fitted suit, the surrounding bezel should be delicate and never overshadow the dial. The dial itself should be a subtle white or ivory color with as few markers as possible in the same color as the case, either silver of gold and never have numbers present. Below the dial, the beating heart should be a mechanical movement.

Only hour and minute hands are necessary, the second hand is just one addition too many, as is the date or day window. The crown should be tiny together with the lugs that support the black or brown leather strap.

The Orient Caliber HS911

I want you to meet the Orient HS911 which is my choice for the best Dress watch by Orient, the sister company of Seiko. Look closely, you can see it’s a subtle watch that meets many of the requirements of a Dress watch. 


This piece doesn’t have every element that I was demanding of a dress watch, so why have I selected this as my example? Well, Orient has a good reputation for mainly building mechanical watches as their specialty. The case is light, with a very thin bezel, small lugs, and crown in a gold finish and brown leather strap. So far so good.

The dial is white with simple gold finished makers, so the only elements that let this watch down are the addition of the day, date window, and the second hand.

The Take Away

The requirements for a dress watch are not set in stone, so you can play with your choice of watch, The elements I mention here are simply my wish lists, but it’s not always possible to find your perfect piece at the right price. So, the point is…work with what you have and try to find something that ticks all your boxes. Orient is a really nice option because they build mechanical watches and have very affordable price points.

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Orient Offer Real Quality Dress Watches Says Wristreview Expert Read Revie
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