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Omega has been building watches since 1848 and has gotten rather good at it. Their collection consists of the Seamaster, ‎Speedmaster, Constellation and assorted Specialties, but what are the best Omega watches for men on sale right now? The brand is large enough to offer some of the best watches for men on the market, from Vintage Omega watches for men to modern entry level pieces.

We can look at the rest of the Omega another time but right now I want to look at the world famous, and arguably the most popular model in their collection, the Seamaster.

The Seamaster is a particular favorite of divers and enthusiasts alike, offering classic design, reliability, a rich history including its close relationship with the most famous secret agents of all time. And all this while remaining one of the most affordable luxury brands available.

Introducing Seamaster.

Let`s start at the beginning and take a brief look at the history of the Omega Seamaster born in 1957 as part of Omega`s roll out of the Master trio, Speedmaster, Railmaster and Seamaster 300 aimed at race drivers, scientists, and divers respectively. The Seamaster was Omega’s answer to the Rolex Submariner which is a role it proudly plays to this day making it one of the best Omega watches for men on the market. Take a look at the original Seamaster launched in 1957, which incidentally, was advertised as water resistant to 200 meters in advertising literature although it was clearly reading 300 meters on the dial.

The beginnings: 1957 Seamaster 300
Omega seamaster 300-2913The original Seamaster 300 (CK2913)

A note for those of you with an eye for detail, that may have read about an earlier version of the Seamaster arriving in 1948. It`s true a Seamaster appeared prior to the 1957 launch but the build quality was far from seaworthy and it`s only true value was as a Dress watch.

The Seamaster Matures

The years passed and the 1960s arrive with a vengeance and the easiest way to get hold of a Seamaster was joining the Royal Navy. In 1964 Omega introduced the updated Seamaster 300 with similar looks to its predecessor with some cosmetic changes. The hands were now a luminous sword design, the makers straight and a large Triangle marker at 12 O’Clock. The bezel depth increased and the case expanded to 42m incorporating a crown protector with modified lugs. It became broadly popular with divers and armed services including the British Royal Navy and became known as the ‘Big Triangle’.

The Royal Navy ‘Big Triangle’ 

Royal Navy Big Triangle 165-024

Royal Navy Collectors Pieces

The Royal Navy may no longer be a maritime superpower it used to be but watches of the British Royal Navy are firm favorites with collectors. The Seamaster 300 being the timepiece of choice through the mid-sixties as it was considered a superior dive watch in comparison to the previous Rolex Submariner.

The stand out feature on the Omega issued by the Royal Navy was the military engraving on the case back and the `T` symbol on the dial that advertised its luminescence was created using tritium. It`s interesting to note, although this model was not issued for more than a couple of years before being replaced by the Rolex again, it`s still a very collectible piece and doesn`t command such a high price as the Rolex Submariner. The downside is there are quite rare and difficult to find, but if you were interested in finding Vintage Omega watches for men, this would be the perfect opportunity to bag a genuine vintage omega.

The Modern Seamaster

The Seamaster 300 Master Co-Axial is an homage to Omega`s own history. Rather than racing forward creating a newer, younger updated version of the Seamaster, Omega looked to its past and re-created its original Seamaster for the modern age. The case size was increased to 41mm, the bezel was now a technologically advanced liquid metal construction, with unparalleled corrosion and water resistance, while the design cues remain true to tradition.

The crystal is a domed design just as in the previous design, but the luminescence is now a more aggressive Superluminova instead of tritium making the readability much easier. The dial is matte black, the sword hands are gone, the dial markers are small triangles in luminous Superluminova, and the case back is a fully exposed Master Co-axial automatic caliber behind Crystal. This movement is fully protected against magnetism, has a 60-hour power reserve and a co-axial escapement plus free sprung balance wheel, and an hour hand advance mechanism.

Seamaster 300 Stainless Steel – LiquidMetal Bezel

Omega Co-Axial

Seamaster Style Options
Not content with upgrading and creating a beautiful piece celebrating the Omega dive watch history and tradition, they are building a collection giving you a choice of exciting models to suit all tastes.
– Stainless Steel.
– Titanium With A Blue Dial And Bezel.
– Two-Tone Titanium And Sedna Gold.
– Omega Gold Watches In Solid Sedna Gold. 

The Omega Seamaster is, or has, something quite unique. It’s not just that it holds a place in the real world we live in, but it’s leaked into our collective imaginations through the entertainment world, that surpasses lifestyle and media promotions. Back in 1995, the Seamaster was first seen on the wrist of the very famous or perhaps infamous secret agent working for Her Majesties Secret Services.

It was Piers Brosnan’s more modern youthful Bond that first took the blue Seamaster Diver 300M from Omega through the ’90s making it his own. Come 2006 Daniel Craig takes on the role and continues to wear a Seamaster on his wrist which seemed perfectly placed on the wrist of a gentleman spy and former Navy commander.

7 Omega Homages To 007

Omega understand more than anyone how important the Bond franchise is, stating

“OMEGA and 007 are appreciated for their fashion flair, adventurous spirit and reliability – they complement each other perfectly.”

Since 1995`s Goldeneye it`s been the Seamaster worn on the gentleman spy`s wrist and in honor of 007, Omega created some special limited edition timepieces celebrating more than half a century crime fighting.

1995 Limited Edition With 007 Motif at 6 O’clock.

1997 Limited Edition With Gun Barrel Design On Dial And 007 Motif On Balance Arm.
Tomorrow Never Dies

1999 Limited Edition With 007 Motif On Balance Arm.

The World is not Enough

2002 Limited Edition Co-Axial with Quantum Of Solace And Bond Motif.
Die Another Day

2006 Limited Edition, Black Dial And Bond Motif On Balance Arm.
Casino Royale

2008 Limited Edition Co-Axia With 007 Motif At 7 O’clock.
Quantum of Solace

2012 Limited Edition With Back Case Design Resembling Gun Barrel.

Omega`s Partnership With 007

The latest Bond saw 2015`s SPECTRE featured the Omega Seamaster 300 re-interpretation of the classic dive watch launch by OMEGA in 1957.

For a comparison of the Seamaster`s evolution, we can see the original 1957, 2014 and the 2015 Spectre re-interpretation side by side. You can see the design cues have remained true to the original but updated materials and technology have brought it into the 21st century.


So even today this can be seen as a modern, timeless design. Maybe the inspiration was drawn from looking back at its ancestor but that doesn’t make it anything less a modern classic. The increased case size creates a clean crisp look and the modern materials and design under the hood never need to make themselves known. This is an exercise in the art of subtlety, making it undoubtedly one of the best Omega men’s watches on sale today.

Omega men’s watches on sale

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About carl scutt

Carl's the founder and editor of His background's in Technology and Internet Marketing. He currently lives in southern Spain. Learn more about him here, and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, Google+.

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