Are Discountshop.Coms New Year Offers Genuine Or A Scam

Welcome to my review where we`re asking if their New Years` and other ongoing offers are genuine or just a marketing scam? We`re talking in terms their dependability in supplying guaranteed genuine products, described accurately, and sold with a warranty.

The easiest and most convenient way to do this is by asking the discount watch stores customers what they think of the goods and services offered by the store.

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Customer Feedback

The good news is that customer feedback for the store is plentiful and seems to be packed to the rafters with positive reports. The only issues that seem to be reported are a couple of customers unhappy with delivery times or delivery charges outside the USA. Again, this is something the store has very little control over, so we can not take too much notice of small issues regarding a 3rd party delivery service.

The other reports are in praise of the store, pointing out that the products are genuine and the customer service first class. If you want to read the reviews yourself, and I suggest you do, just follow the link to Resellerratings that awards a score of 9/10 for their goods and services. If you don`t want to read through all the reviews, here`s an example of a positive review.

Proven Track Record

After reading the customer feedback you will no doubt be feeling more at ease about window shopping on their site, the main thing you will want to understand about this site is the incredible variety and prices available to you. There are a number of options open to you when visiting the site.

To benefit from the lowest prices you can choose to visit the Discountshop clearance area for the best dealswhere you can pick up deals on all sorts of watches with price tags from $150 to $6,650.00.

The men’s watches section at Discountshop carries a large selection of brands and models with costs that vary, starting from as low as $30 all the way up to an astonishing $253,589,00. If that`s not for you then another option is visiting the deal of the week area to see if you can bag a bargain.

Payment is through a secure payment system using Credit Card, Paypal, Amazon Payments, and Amex. All watches include a 12-month limited warranty, and to set your mind at ease, they have been an A+ accredited member of the Better Business Bureau (BBB) since 2013.

Finally, they offer an Authenticity Guarantee which goes like this:

All merchandise sold by DiscountShop is 100% authentic. We only carry genuine brand name products. Absolutely NO fakes, counterfeits, imitations or knock-offs. Selling replicas is illegal and we do NOT engage in such activities.

My Conclusion

carl-with beer-malagaThis is something that remains personal to me and you will need to make your own mind up. There are better discount watch stores offering more prestigious brands, but that of course, means higher prices, so, you really need to understand if it`s brand or budget that the driving force behind your purchase. More often than not, it`s a mixture of both these important factors that come into play.

In my view, the is a great option with a width range of brands for Men, Women, and Unisex and a broad price range to fit anyone’s pocket. I would always say, shop around, so if you are unsure of which discount store is for you, try reading my discount watch store comparison page, it may give you some idea.

Pros & Cons

Only 12 months warranty

Great Prices
Genuine products
Secure Payments

My overall rating: Good



Coming up “Are Gemnation.Coms` New Year Offers Genuine Or A Scam” Don`t buy anything from the store until you have read this.

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Are Discountshop.Coms New Year Offers Genuine Or A Scam
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