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Date: 14/08/18
Name: Jennifer of Los Angeles, CA.
Outcome: Negative

1 star

I ordered luggage aluminum frame carry on, on June 13th to be delivered August 7. It was weird that the delivery was so long in the future but I still felt that demand is oversupply. On August 7th I contacted Amazon and I was placed on hold and then offered a refund. Looking up this seller he has 1 star ratings for nonreceipt of goods. This seller is a FRAUD and should never do business with anyone, especially Amazon. Do not buy from him. Another thing this seller has no contact info and email never worked. BUYER BEWARE.

Date: 25/07/18
Name: Lóránt of Odorheiu Secuiesc.
Outcome: Negative

1 star

I ordered a laptop on Prime Day (17th July, 2018), contacted the support next evening, that my laptop hasn’t been dispatched yet, “Is everything alright?” They said yes. Contacted them on Friday (20th) too, about my stuff, and they said it was in ‘Advanced shipping phase’, and it would dispatch on Monday (23rd). I calmed down, came Monday, and nothing. Contacted them again on Monday evening, they told me they would get back to me in e-mail in 24-48 hours. 48 hours passed today (25th), no email from them. So I contacted them today again, what a surprise to cancel my order as the automated order cancel thingy won’t let me cancel it, and they told me they can’t cancel it, only when it’s dispatched. IT IS NOT DISPATCHING. So, no money, no product, got scammed for 750$. Will never recommend Amazon to anyone, as they are a bunch of scammers.

Date: 20/02/18
Name: Larry of Selma, TX.
Outcome:Somewhat disappointing

1 star

Amazon has locked me out of their review process for apparently failing to meet their review guidelines. I have read their guidelines and do not think I have violated them in any way. True to their word they will not respond to any queries regarding the subject. If Amazon truly wanted honest, unpartial reviews why would they lock out a customer of over 10 years without at least citing the specific review? I have a fair idea of the review in question but can’t remark specifically should I be wrong. The suspected review was the only “1” rating I have submitted. The product doesn’t work and I submitted a picture showing the reason for the rating. Following this review I was notified of my not being able to submit any further reviews.

Amazon is a fine company and I am a Prime customer. I enjoyed expressing my opinion on products purchased through them. I have never had need to say anything negative about Amazon until this instance. I’m hoping other Amazon reviewers haven’t ran into the review blockade without justification. I am a 77 years old male, an Air Force Enlisted Retiree, have a college degree, and worked professionally for a respected Space and Defense Company Engineer for 20 years. I feel the need to offer reviews as a duty to prospective buyers as a thanks for their own reviews. Other people’s reviews are influencing and my having unknowingly lost that privilege is disturbing.

Date: 09/02/18
Name: John of Union City, CA.

1 stars

I have been a long time Prime customer with Amazon and completely happy with the service until they started using people who obviously don’t know what they are doing to deliver my packages. It is not beyond them to lie as well on the tracking information. I have all my packages delivered to my place of business. We have two buildings here and they obviously don’t know what a Receiving Department or a Receptionist desk is. My boxes have been left indiscriminately around the building. Today three packages for my co-workers were left behind one building that is unused and unmarked, but only 50 feet from my Receiving Department. Trying to contact Amazon about this is just about impossible. The upper management needs to hear from us I believe.

Date: 6/15/17
Name: Anand, Gujarat.
Outcome: Excellent

Farid1021     5 stars

Hi Hello Good morning friends . I write a review about the popularitr website and a application store in which any things you can buy , any product in special deal . My fevret online store is Amazon. In is the very power full online store and this online store in thousands of products and compr..

Date: 3/04/17
Name: Gomez Peter.
Outcome: Excellent

gomezpeter758     5 stars

I always buy products online  from the very famous company but I just try to buy with a new website which is for custom playing cards. B ut I am afraid about the quality. one thing I most like about this site is on time delivery not only this the discount provided them as well as quality of products are same as showed on their website unlike other worst online websites like shopclues etc. I also have app of it on my mobile.

Date: 3/02/17
Name: Impriyankas
Outcome: Not Good


Hello firends.!

Today I have share my personal exprience. Amazon is not good sit for shoping beacuase I have purches some produect. you I show you good qualtiy produect but delevery produect is not good. delevery prouect is very bed seriously so gyus don’t purches this sit you have to purches market becuase I don’t like this sit but I don’t know what u want and what your thinking for this sit so as ur like, as ur wish but I don’t like. thankyou.

Date: 3/01/17
Name: Aakash
Outcome: Excellent

Aakashbhoir  5 stars

I always buy products online . amazon is the best site to online shopping.

it provides very good consumer service .fastest delivary potion. product quality is very good in amazon.i recived genuine products every time from delivery time of amazon is very fast it delivers the products within 24 to 48 hours. it provied also android as well as ios app for the online shopping throught mobile . reliablity is good

Date: 3/01/17
Name: Gundluru
Outcome:  Good


To day I am going to share my experiance with you about amazon.This is one of best online shopping mall.It has good quality products which is delivered at lowest price as compared to other e-comerce web sites.recently I had bought one desktop computer last one month ago.Its working nice and I got it at lowest best price.They were deliverd quickly .which was said that estimaition date. not only me , my family memebers and friends also using well .There are lots of different catogires and different iteams avaliable in website. It is very useful website and you can save your money and time.This website is offered some products at lowest price everyday .This is very benifit to choose all the time when we buy. This is good website to buy online.

Date: 2/28/17
Name: Himans
Outcome: Excellent

himanshurana301  5 stars

Amozon is a great company for online shopping team and a bit like to be able the same way, but it would like us know how you doing, I will not only that the company, which was nice, and the rest is the most of my favourite colour, the more you will find a job, and the rest is the most of my favourite colour, the more you will find a way to get the best way I like a amazon

Date: 2/28/17
Name: Somunir
Outcome: Not Good


Friends I had ordered a mini silai machine from this website but always it automatically canceled dont know what is the problem. I had also complaint it to the customer care but they simply saying that’next time it will be deliverd to you please place order again’. It was cancelled for 3 times automatically .I also have proof. my order no . is #405-1151275-6369935.

and they are still not solving my problem.

Date: 3/27/17
Name: Aashig
Outcome: Okay


M regular customer of Amazon.

I purchases almost everything from Amazon nd always get a best experience. ??

It’s customer service are awesome. U can give a missed call n they call u back that means no more spent on complaining.

Delivery time is at the earliest as n when possible. Amazing service . Amazing quality products n amazing AMAZON .

Date: 3/27/17
Name: Kasyap
Outcome: Excellent

kasyapvs  5 stars

I am a Prime user of Amazon , since I started my shopping till now I did not feel any discomfort from this site. The service provided in Kerala is very fast and comfortable. The products are delivery before the actual date of delivery which is a very good thing .Considering other online shopping sites such as yep me, Snapdeal , Amazon has a very good user interface which is stylish and easy to place order in my District. There is no direct delivery of Amazon products so I feel some discomfort in that delivery but through third party agents the goods and services are getting in nearby places. Another problem is that the cash on delivery option is not available in my area and some of the products are also not available in my location so I feel some kind of discomfort in that case.

An International online shopping company such as Amazon is providing a very good thing in a local area like wayanad is a wonderful thing

I am very much satisfied with the service provided by Amazon in our region.????

Date: 3/26/17
Name: Reshmib
Outcome: Excellent

reshmibipin2017  5 stars

Amazon has always give me avery best online ahopping experience. What I like is they always give a detailed information about the products they sell, even if from a third party. Products purchased are always delivered on time in my case and the packaging was also perfect. Never received any faulty or damaged products. Keep up the good work Amazon.

Date: 3/26/17
Name: Tuhin
Outcome: Very Good


This is the one of the greatest online shopping website I have ever seen . Very few online shopping website is as good as . This site always care of it’s customer service . The most important thing is that it’s product quality is very good . This site always try to give the actual products . And other most important thing is that it’s delivery area , one can take his product from anywhere in the country . Amazon has it’s own apps and website and in it one can buy most of the product he want . So overall it is a really very good online shopping website and it’s very reliable to use .

My overall rating: Fair

3 stars

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